What might have been

You may remember that my plan to dig up a tree (bush) and bring it into the house was thwarted by the tall person’s untimely intervention.

The tree (bush) is now back in its hole home in the garden.

Of course I am disappointed. My intention was to surprise everyone with a beautiful Christmas tree.

Well, my great Facebook friend Alfie Barron saw the post and sent me a picture of how my Christmas tree might have looked if I had been allowed enough time to bring it into the house and decorate it.

It even has a Christmas star on top!

Have a good look tall person.

Will your Christmas tree look as beautiful as this one?

I think not.

Thank you Alfie Barron for showing us what might been.

20 thoughts on “What might have been

  1. Sweet Bassa your ‘what might have been’ Christmas tree is very pretty. We are so happy you shared it with us.And we are happy that your plan for a Christmas tree was not a complete bust…thanks to your friend. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Bassa, that’s such a beautiful tree. Here, in America, we’d call it a Charlie Brown tree. But it’s all the more special because you found it. I love Alfie showed you what might have been. Maybe next year.

  3. Your tree would have been beautiful Bassa
    because it was planned with love. Your love
    Will help make Christmas more special too, and the love you receive from De, the Tall Person and the small person:-) Psss: presents will be good too 🙂

  4. May I suggest decorating the tree while it’s out in the yard? This way you you have a nice tree (errr, bush) not just for Christmas but for the entire year. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful tree it is!!! You have a really wonderful thoughfull friend like Alfie, Bassa!
    How sweet Alfie is to have decorated the tree for your family! and thanks for shering it with us Bassa!
    Wow, the Christmas tree is much more beautiful than the one we have here…I have to tell mom to make ours more cheerful! 🙂

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