Welcome to the BBC news

The tall person always watches BBC World News and even has the app on his phones so that he can catch up on world events when he is out.

I often watch the news with him but have noticed that not much of it is happy news. It is often about war and disaster and disagreement and economic problems.

I thought about this and have decided to launch my own news channel, also called the BBC – short for Bassa’s Blogging Channel.

This might be a little confusing so I am hoping that the BBC World News runs a caption explaining that it is not Bassa’s Blogging Channel.

Bassa’s Blogging Channel will focus on happy news and funny stories that I have read on my friends blogs over the last few days.

Okay, this is my first broadcast.

Good evening and welcome to BBC news.

There has been lots of good news over the last few days and I would like to highlight one item that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It is written by my blogging friend Monica who came into some luck recently.


That’s the end of the news – brought to you by the BBC (Bassa’s Blogging Channel)

A Christmas Surprise (update)

In a recent post I shared my plan to surprise everyone and decorate the house with a fabulous Christmas tree. I had already identified a suitable tree in the garden (it’s actually a bush) and had been waiting for the right moment to dig it up and bring it into the house.

The right moment came this morning.

The tall person had a lie in and De responded to my wake up call. De can’t read my mind like the tall person can so I knew she would not realise what I was doing in the garden.

I set to work, dug up the tree and dragged it to the veranda to trim some of its branches – I prefer a minimalist look.

I had almost completed my artistic trimming and was about to drag the Christmas tree surprise into the house when I heard the tall person talking to De.

I had run out of time, the tall person was awake and would be able to read my mind!

Sure enough, he came out to the veranda and found me and found the tree.

He didn’t say anything as I watched him re-plant my Christmas tree in the hole where it used to live in the garden.

You spoiled my surprise tall person.

He looked at me with a resigned look on his face.

“I am never surprised by your ideas Bassa”.

I liked that response. It confirmed what I already knew – we are on the same wavelength tall person but next time have a longer lie in and I may yet surprise you!

This is the link to my earlier post: