His ancestor was a founding father

Look who I saw today!

We were coming back from the shops when we saw a young man with a falcon.

Tall person said that it reminded him of the legend of the founding of Tbilisi.

He told me that up to the mid 5th century the Mtkvari River valley (the present day area of Tbilisi) was uninhabited and covered by forest.

According to legend, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali went hunting there with a falcon.

The falcon caught a pheasant but dropped it in a hot spring.

When the pheasant was taken out of the water, it had been boiled. The spring was fed by very hot sulphurous waters, which still flow to this day

Impressed with the location King Vakhtang decided to build a city.

The name Tbilisi derives from the old Georgian “Tpili”, meaning warm.


This hawk’s ancestor was responsible for the founding of Tbilisi.

Thank you Mr. Hawk!

Christmas news from the BBC

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. Thank you for tuning into the BBC News (Bassa’s Blogging Channel).

This is your good news correspondent, Bassa, reporting from Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.

Our top story is from Misty Shores Chesapeakes blog and tells about two adorable puppies meeting Santa for the first time!

Some great photos of the puppies and the rest of their crew.

Take me along for the ride next time! 


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