His ancestor was a founding father

Look who I saw today!

We were coming back from the shops when we saw a young man with a falcon.

Tall person said that it reminded him of the legend of the founding of Tbilisi.

He told me that up to the mid 5th century the Mtkvari River valley (the present day area of Tbilisi) was uninhabited and covered by forest.

According to legend, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali went hunting there with a falcon.

The falcon caught a pheasant but dropped it in a hot spring.

When the pheasant was taken out of the water, it had been boiled. The spring was fed by very hot sulphurous waters, which still flow to this day

Impressed with the location King Vakhtang decided to build a city.

The name Tbilisi derives from the old Georgian “Tpili”, meaning warm.


This hawk’s ancestor was responsible for the founding of Tbilisi.

Thank you Mr. Hawk!

33 thoughts on “His ancestor was a founding father

  1. How fascinating! Such a interesting story about the founding of your home city! I will have to look up this king on the internet and learn more. You come up with the best posts. Keep up the great work Bassa! We learn so much here. 🙂

    May The Lord Pour His Blessings Upon You!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂

  2. It is so interesting hearing about the history of your city. My person still seems amazed at the age of things in other parts of the world. Where we live 100 years is a long time. Our city was founded in 1903.

  3. That is a fascinating story and a very noble looking falcon, Bassa. Though I do feel a little sorry for the boiled pheasant. Of course, when I first started reading, I thought it said “peasant,” so I was slightly relieved THAT wasn’t correct!

  4. Wow, Bassa….your tall person knows many things which surprised me!!!
    I think that it’s very interesting to find out the derivation of the name of places because most of the names are related to something like historical stories!!! 🙂

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