Let them sleep

Some memories are hard to erase.

We have walked across this bridge that spans the Mtkvari River many times but never noticed these emblems of Soviet times.

They sleep like memories waiting to be wakened by those who were there.


Let them sleep. They are memories of another time.

24 thoughts on “Let them sleep

  1. Very interesting that you found them and shared the pic with us, or I never had a occasion to see these histories, Bassa.

  2. We gave this a lot of thought Bassa! It is great you shared this and I found it interesting for I grew up when the USSR was around and took great delight in its end.

    However, our thoughts are that just like they kept the Nazi Concentration camps around so we would not forget that evil, these symbols need to remain so the people of Georgia will not forget the evil that once ruled over their beautiful land.

    We are so glad the people of Georgia are free and no longer under Soviet Oppression.

    Great Blog Bassa!!!!

    God Bless You!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂

  3. You are right Bassa let them sleep but as Chuck said they do serve as a reminder so Georgia will never forget. I think sometimes it is things such as this that make us appreciate what we have now even more. Thank you for sharing this peice of history.

    • Yes Lilly, a lot of the Soviet era statues and emblems have been removed but there are still some that are not practical to remove, such as carvings on buildings and emblems forming part of the iron work on bridges (like in the picture).

  4. It’s interesting that we don’t always see some things at first glance, isn’t it?

    I particularly like this line – Let them sleep. They are memories of another time. I was a bit too young to really remember much of that time.

  5. So weird to see it here, reminds me of my childhood and nothing else. I was too young to put any politics to that symbol and then it just disappeared.
    The country I am from prefers to hide memories away and the new reign ruins symbols of the previous reign. They prefer not to have any history and yet it’s there and has never gone.

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