He’s teething!

It is traditional here and I expect everywhere to thoroughly clean the house before Christmas. De started her cleaning mission today and found some things that she needed to talk to me about.

Hmm, I could tell by her face that I would need a plausible and fast explanation for whatever it was.

We sat down in the kitchen and De produced a small collection of beauty products. Ah, are we are going to have a makeover De?

She looked at me and pointed to the chewed tops and bite marks.

I returned her steady gaze without blinking and without any hesitation asked her if she had spoken to the little person as he might be teething and had gnawed on these beauty products to sooth his sore gums.

De sighed deeply and reminded me that the little person is 9 years old and finished teething about 8 years ago.

Quick as a flash I pointed out that several of the beauty products do look old.

De shook her head in a resigned way and took the creams and lotions to the trash.

Phew, that was a narrow escape! Watch out little person I’m pretty sure that De believed my very plausible explanation.

24 thoughts on “He’s teething!

  1. When I was a pup, I chewed on the table next to the couch. My people couldn’t throw that away, so the evidence of my youthful indiscretion is forever in view.

  2. I never thought humans still went through teething at 9 years of age. (I’m laughing so hard my sides hurt.)

    Anyway Bassa, please tell De I also use Garnier. It’s quite yummy; on the skin that is. 😉

  3. 😀 😀 That’s so funny…We’ve got some teeth marks on the TV remote and Wii sensor bar to remind us of our little one’s teething days a few years ago. And yes, the little person is George, not our 9 year old daughter who, just like your human child, finished teething about 8 years ago…;)

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