The hair and the frog!

The tall person returned to Agmashenebeli Avenue today. He needed a haircut – yes, the single hair on his head had become long and unruly!

To be fair, he had been complaining of ‘bed hair’ for several days and had even used De’s hairbrush to try and flatten his ‘sticky up’ hair.

De also decided that she wanted her hair cut so they both went to the hairdresser on Agmashenebeli Avenue.

You may recall that all of the buildings along Agmashenebeli Avenue have recently been refurbished. The hairdressing salon was included in this work and is now freshly painted.

Anyway, the tall person’s haircut lasted 5 minutes (including a shampoo) so instead of waiting with the chattering ladies in the salon he walked along Agmashenebeli Avenue to take more photographs of the restoration work.

He found that not only had the buildings been restored but some lovely artwork had been added.

This beautiful bronze frog was by the side of steps leading up to a shop.

I like this frog ‘doorman’ very much.

Tbilisi has many bronze art works.

The tall person told me that he will take photographs to show you.

Oh, I nearly forgot, the tall person’s head is now fully aerodynamic once more.

No more ‘bed hair’ for you tall person!

30 thoughts on “The hair and the frog!

  1. Oh, this is too funny. I guess fortunately for you, Bassa, and us Berner Girls, we don’t have to worry about bed hair. Glad that the tall man and De were able to go together to get their hair cut! x Berner Girls

  2. Oh, your tall person and De must be lookin’ mighty spiffy now that they have been to the hairdresser. We like that frog Mumsy thinks frogs are cute. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. LOL!!! What a great post! Aerodynamic head? Oh my Bassa… LOL…. wait what am I laughing about, my head is getting more aerodynamic every year!!! Your city is beautiful! I love it. I wanted to ask a rather strange question. Do the people of Georgia ever worry about Russia trying to take over again? Not trying to stir up trouble, but the thought crossed my mind and I am wondering if I am alone in that worry…..

    Great Post and it made us laugh. The Collies are Howling with laughter…. Look at it from a Collie point of view in regards to hair…

    God Bless You!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂

    • Hahaha, the tall person is growing a beard – I think to compensate 🙂 Yes Chuck, we do worry about Russia. You may remember the recent conflict in August 2008. Russian forces remain stationed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which were part of Georgian territory 😦

  4. That frog kind of looks like the frog my person keeps in the bathroom so Scratchy won’t get it. I the frog in the picture doesn’t need to worry about any cats.

  5. Wow…..your tall person needed only for 5mins for his haircut! Unbelievable!
    In our country, there are several hairsalons that are mostly for men and the slogans are ” quick cut! ” which approximately, it take at least for 10mins to get your hair cut, so for 5mins surprised me!
    The bronze frog is cute! 🙂

  6. We have an iron Wiener Dog on our doorstep, it is also aerodynamic, as puzzle tried to explain after readig your article, Bassa, but I am in doubts, if this shoescrapping Wiener should proove that – he is a lot overweight for his size and he has to guard my leash and brush. But after this, I will give him a new name: Speedface.

  7. Bassa,

    That barber shop/hair salon building looks fabulous. I love how the buildings in your city look – charming yet having a lot of attitude. I’m going to find some time to read about Georgian architecture soon (once my load clears out a bit) and see the history behind them.


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