Lost u-boat spotted in Tbilisi garden

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I had a feeling I was being watched. And then I noticed this.


Yes. I was being observed by submariners through a rusty old periscope.

I pointed it out to the tall person and suggested that a World War 2 submarine had survived the conflict and was hiding beneath our feet. The tall person smiled and admitted that it did look like a periscope but reminded me that we were many miles from the sea. He concluded that it was just a rusty old pipe.

Hmm. I just hope your skepticism is not torpedoed tall person.

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12 thoughts on “Lost u-boat spotted in Tbilisi garden

  1. your imagination Bassa is as wide and varied as Bongo Dog..but you are right to bring it to the attention of tall person..it could be something sinister, even though it does look like a bit of old pipe….It could belong to a Mole who lives down there and uses it as a safety lookout…Keep an eye on that my friend!!!

  2. momwithoutpaws says when she was young the guys all wanted to take her to the submarine races .. SHe did not fall for it. Woof High Paw for momwithoutpaws

  3. Looks like a pariscope to us sweet Bassa. Things appear in strange places all the time with no explanation of how they got there, maybe you can tell the Tall person that and then he will be able to see you are right. Hugs and nose kisses

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