Cat shirks household chores

On my walk through the house today I saw this.


Yes. Barnaby had fallen asleep whilst doing the vacuuming.


He did look tired. I hope that the tall person does not find him sleeping and think that he is shirking his chores.

I later found out that Barnaby had fallen asleep after just one minute’s vacuuming. Hmm.

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Wasps strengthen home security

On my walk through the yard this morning I saw this.


The wasp was obviously concerned about home security and had installed an impressive lock on the entrance to its nest.

I pointed it out to the tall person and asked if this was a response to a possible spate of burglaries on wasp homes in the neighborhood. He smiled and told me that it is a key hole on one of the doors in our yard and not a wasp home.

Hmm. I was wondering how the wasp would be able to carry its keys.

Tree people found in Tbilisi

Yesterday, the tall person showed me photographs he had taken of the recent Independence Day celebrations. One particular photograph caught my eye.

tree people

I remarked to the tall person that I had never seen tree people before and it was good that they felt confident enough to climb down from their leafy home and participate in the celebrations. One thing troubled me though and I asked the tall person why the tree people were showing a keen interest in a formidable looking rifle.

The tall person smiled and told me that the two men were in fact army snipers in camouflage and not tree people.

Hmm. I think you are partly right tall person. It would make sense that the army would employ tree people, especially as Georgia has many forests and the tree people’s arboreal expertise would be very useful in a conflict with squirrels.

Car customizers should read this

On my walk through the neighborhood today I noticed this.

Built for speed

I pointed it out to the tall person and suggested that the owner is clearly obsessed with speed and had stripped his car down to make it as light and as fast as possible.

The tall person smiled and agreed that my theory was a possible reason for the car’s condition but pointed out that by removing the wheels the driver has drastically affected its potential to move.

Hmm. The driver clearly has no understanding of Newton’s laws of motion.