The only permissible color is green

The tall person visited a monastery recently and showed me this picture he had taken at the entrance.

jvari sign

Hmm. The dress code at this monastery appears to be quite specific. Visitors are only allowed to enter if they are wearing green color clothes of a certain style.

I asked the tall person if he was attired in the permissible color and style of clothes and he smiled but did not reply.

Hmm. He was obviously embarrassed. I don’t recall him ever wearing green so I suspect he was not allowed in. It appears you made a wasted journey tall person. I suggest we go shopping for a green tee-shirt and pants tomorrow.

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11 thoughts on “The only permissible color is green

  1. As I see it, green is required in cold weather. Maybe, in summer white color clothing is mandatory? Or it is not the color what is decisive but the season? Wait till winter to enter our monastery?

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