The smoking squirrel

On my walk through the neighborhood today I noticed this strange sight.


I stood up against the tree to get a better look.

Secret smoker hides stash - Copy

I pointed it out to the tall person and remarked that the squirrel who lived in the tree had apparently stopped hoarding nuts and instead had adopted a very unhealthy smoking habit.

For once, the tall person was at a loss to explain this strange sight. We listened to hear if we could hear any wheezing or coughing squirrels but we heard none.

I suggested to the tall person that perhaps this heavy smoking tree rodent should start using nicotine patches and he agreed.

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12 thoughts on “The smoking squirrel

  1. Its bad enough when people smoke..yuck! But squirrels, definutely not. Maybe he just liked the look of the packets and decided to hoard them instead

  2. The things you see! When Lola and I walk, I tend to think too much so I miss a lot of details, but I bet even I might have noticed something as crazy as that.

  3. Those pesky squirrels. They’re always trying to get the best of us dogs. Maybe those cigarettes will get the best of them. The squirrels here steal Christmas lights.

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