Whatever you do don’t blow your bugle!

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I saw this confusing set of instructions.


I pointed it out to the tall person and suggested that as we had wandered into a highly restricted zone we would need to very careful not to transgress the rules.

The tall person agreed.

Hmm. I have one suggestion tall person. Perhaps you should stop playing your bugle before we proceed.

He reluctantly agreed but thought it was unfair that this simplest of brass instruments, that has no valves or other pitch-altering devices, had been singled out.

I couldn’t argue with that.

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7 thoughts on “Whatever you do don’t blow your bugle!

  1. Well that just doesn’t seem right. No bugles? If falling rocks and garbage pails are allowed, bugles should be allowed too!!

    Love and licks,

  2. oh my goodness..its a good thing that your eyes spotted that bugle…what a strange place that is with so many signs saying that you cannot do things…maybe it would be easier to tell people what they CAN do

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