Don’t Get Dressed In The Dark

I had a restless night last night and couldn’t really settle. I was worried about my friend Bella who hurt herself yesterday and had to go to the dog doctor. The tall person understood and sat with me in the dark until I fell asleep.

We heard this morning that Bella is recovering at home. She sent us a picture of her wearing a t-shirt. I suppose it will help stop her scratching her hurt shoulder but Bella, was it dark when you put it on? You are wearing it back to front!

Get well soon.

I’ve Grown a Beard!

I’m relaxing on the veranda with the tall person. He told me that he is going to have a haircut tomorrow. A haircut? He doesn’t have any hair! If anyone needs a haircut it’s me. I’ve grown a beard!

I don’t think the tall person likes hair. I sit next to him in the bathroom each morning as he shaves tiny little hairs from his face. It takes him ten minutes. Can you imagine how long it would take me if I had to shave every day!

Anyway, I like my beard.

I Forgot To Tell You….

Good morning world. I hope you woke up happy…..I did!

I forgot to tell you. I played with the little person’s mummy before bedtime last night. To be honest, she hadn’t intended to play – she said I had dirty paws and legs and needed a wash! I wasn’t that keen on the idea and activated my hypnotic eyes and told her that I am not dirty and even if I was I am quite capable of washing myself! She quickly forgot about the washing proposal and we had a play fight instead. I love play fights!

P.S. I must remember to write my tips for hypnotising humans – every dog needs to know how to do this!

Time to Sleep

I don’t care how hot it is tonight. The air conditioning is on and I will go to sleep cool and comfortable. Ah, bliss!

The tall person told me that children and puppies grow in their sleep. I’m not sure that’s true for children. The little person has not grown much since I first came to live here. Perhaps he needs more sleep!

I will have another inside outside night tonight. I am in the bedroom and in the hall. I like being in two places at once!