Amazingly democratic republic of Georgia!

On our walk through the neighborhood today the tall person told me about the Parliamentary elections that were held in Georgia on 1 October.

He said that the opposition Georgian Dream Coalition won the elections with 55% of the vote, whilst the governing United National Movement received 40% of the vote.

The peaceful transition of power was acknowledged by the international community.

In Washington a spokesman for President Obama said:

“The United States congratulates the people of Georgia for the successful completion of yesterday’s parliamentary elections, and the achievement of another milestone in Georgia’s democratic development. Georgian citizens have set a regional and global example by conducting a competitive campaign, freely exercising their democratic rights, and affirming their commitment to undertake a peaceful transfer of power.”

Wow, I think we need to promote this achievement!

Bassa’s Blog Wins Bronze in Top 5 Funniest Travel Blogs Awards

Top U.K. travel company,, names Bassa’s Blog as a Bronze Award Winner in its 2012 Top 5 Funniest Travel Blogs Awards.

Acknowledged as the “Oscars of the Travel Blogging world” the awards are a celebration of travel blogging excellence.

“As avid followers of a variety of travel blogs, we wanted to acknowledge and reward the sheer breadth of entertaining, educating and inspiring travel content.” Daniel Abrahams, Managing Director,

In announcing the winners, chief editor Lynda Hamilton said, “Welcome to the daily diary of Bassa – a large, Caucasian Shepherd dog living in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. This multi award winning blog documents the world of Tbilisi through Bassa’s eyes and is followed by 5,000 people worldwide.

Written by Mike Day, who also authors the successful Georgia About blog, which featured in one of our previous awards categories, it’s not only funny but gives a great insight into what real life is like in every day Georgia. Bassa is pretty cute, too. Just take a look at her profile pic to see what we mean. Congratulations, Bassa, you’ve landed our Bronze badge.”

Bassa’s Blog is delighted and honoured to be chosen as a Bronze Award Winner in these prestigious awards.

Thank you

Tall person says thank you!

I am writing on behalf of the tall person to thank everyone who has visited his new blog, ‘Georgia About’.

He has been very busy writing posts and taking photographs of the best of everything about our beautiful country.

De has also been very busy cooking and preparing recipes for Georgian meals, which tall person has posted on the new blog (and then eaten!).

I am also pleased to report that the little person has been enjoying the spin off benefits of the new blog, partly because of De’s delicious meals but also because he has accompanied the tall person and De on their Georgia About reporting missions, which have included a visit to a bakery to see how real Georgian bread is made, a trip to Tbilisi’s Narikala Castle, a walk across the Bridge of Peace, a ride on the new aerial tramway, lots of rides at Mtatsminda amusement park and lots more!

Tall person loves Georgia and loves to share his experience of this wonderful country.

Here are some of the comments he has received on his Georgia About blog:

WOW!!!! What a beautiful country…. I could move to Georgia in a minute… its has to be one of the prettiest places in the world… amazing. What a secret gem of beauty Georgia is! 

You are doing an amazing job here! It was clear already from Bassa’s blog that you had a beautiful and unique style in writing, so as a reader I’m really happy that I can now enjoy more of your work in this blog.

What a country… so much is so historical yet other parts are so far into the future that it is stunning…. amazing!

We absolutely love this! It is so interesting learning about Georgia and what a cool place to visit! Sure is a beautiful country! Keep up the great posts!!!

More and more you’re making me want to travel to Georgia.

Sounds delicious! And I love your photos of all the ingredients… they’re attractive and helpful. Thanks!

I knew this was going to be a great blog. I enjoyed this so much.

I want some now! No, wait – I want a big bowl!

Our mouths are watering! Great post!!!

So much history and yet so much on the cutting edge of modern design and beauty!!!

If you have not yet visited Georgia About please drop by and say hi to the tall person – he will be very happy to see you!

They all wear colorful spectacles and false moustaches!

The little person attends an international school on top of the mountain on the other side of Tbilisi. It is an excellent school and the little person is very happy there.

The school’s website mentions that students learn British culture and traditions as well as learning English.

On a recent visit to the school the tall person noticed this wonderful decoration on one of the lockers in the corridor outside the little person’s classroom:

Being English, the tall person was very pleased to see the wonderful sentiment but was surprised to learn that people in the U.K. are now all wearing multi-colored spectacles and false moustaches.

Clearly, students are kept well informed about changes in traditional British costume. Tall person said that the next time he visits London he will not take his bowler hat and umbrella but will instead make sure he is properly attired with colorful eyewear and a false moustache. He said he would not want to be laughed at for wearing the wrong accessories.

Fiery monster donates free food!

When the tall person and De returned from the shops today they gave me a loaf of traditional Georgian bread.

I love bread.

The tall person told me that he had been given it for free. Wow! I asked who had given this generous gift and the tall person said he had taken a picture.

Argh! A fire breathing monster is using the offer of free bread to lure unsuspecting victims into its clutches.

You had a lucky escape tall person!

I later learned that the tall person had been given the bread by the baker he visited this morning when he was researching bread making for his new blog. Apparently, the fire breathing monster is actually a Georgian bread oven called a Tone.

Hmm, you are so naive tall person.

You can find more about the tall person’s encounter with the fire breathing philanthropist at:

House survives 5.8 magnitude scratching!

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I saw the house that is held up by sticks. Tall person had been worried about it, especially as we had felt the after shocks of a recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake in neighboring Azerbaijan. The tremors had rippled through our house but no damage was caused.

At the time, tall person thought it was the vibrations caused by me rythmically thumping my paw on the floor when I scratch. I must admit the floor does shake when I do that.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that the house that is held up with sticks is still standing, despite the earthquake and my periodic 5.8 magnitude scratching.

New blog about Georgia

I have some exciting news! Tall person has launched a new blog to share his experiences about life in the Republic of Georgia. Having lived here for several years he wants to show the best of the best of this wonderful country and with the help of De and Mari his new blog will take you on a guided tour of its unique culture, rich history, amazing food and wines, colorful markets and natural wonders.

Walk with him in the snow covered Caucasus mountains and lush forests. Tour the towns and cities and countryside and meet the Georgian people, renowned for their hospitality and love of life. Learn how to cook Georgian food. Visit centuries old churches filled with exquisite icons and murals. Learn about traditional crafts and customs. See the best of the best of Georgia.

Called Georgia About, the new blog will bring beautiful Georgia to you!

Visit Georgia About and see the best of the best of Georgia:

Good luck with your new blog tall person. I see you have found something thinner than you!