Splash art!

Apparently I have hidden artistic talents. I was in the yard and Tall person noticed that I had created a waving teddy bear design on the ground.

I must admit it wasn’t intentional. I suppose I just create art without knowing it.

Tall person said that I cannot tell you how I made it but it’s not water!

Lisa found me!

Earlier today I featured the amazing colorful smiley faces that Lisa Albanese paints on pebbles and leaves next to names she finds etched in concrete. Lisa had found the little person’s name and De’s.

Guess what!

Lisa found me!

There is some corner of a foreign field (California) that is for ever Bassa!

P.S. You can see lots of wonderful pictures of Lisa’s smileys on her Facebook page (Lisa Albanese). In addition to placing smileys next to names etched in concrete Lisa also places them next to amazing street art.


My American friend Lisa Albanese paints colorful smiley faces on pebbles and leaves them next to names she finds etched in concrete. She has lots of pictures of them on her Facebook page.

She surprised me today by sending pictures of a smiley with the little person’s name (Gigi) and……………..

……………………………De’s name (De)

Aren’t they wonderful?

Thank you Lovely Lisa!

Lisa said she is still looking for the tall person’s name. I have watched American movies and know that there are lots of tall people in America. It would be a lovely surprise for him to see his name next to one of Lisa’s beautiful smileys.

Hmm, I wonder if there is a Bassa in America.

Paint my picture mister!

You may remember that there is a small colony of artists at one end of Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.

They sit at their easels surrounded by their colorful paintings of old Tbilisi and portraits of beautiful Georgian women in traditional dress. 

They paint from memory or imagination as they cannot see any of the scenes they paint from their sidewalk studio.

Their pictures are displayed at the edge of the sidewalk and passers-by pause to admire and sometimes buy.

This artist has painted several pictures of Tbilisi in winter but I noticed he is working on a painting of a sunny scene, perhaps it helps to keep him warm because it is very cold today.