Victory Day

Today is Victory Day, a national holiday in Georgia and many former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. It commemorates the formal surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in Berlin in May 1945 and marks the end of the Great Patriotic War for the USSR, which lost around 25 million citizens in the four years of fighting.

A traditional ceremony of laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is held at Vake Park in Tbilisi. Similar events will be held throughout Georgia at the memorials to those killed in World War II.

Veterans and their families will gather to honor those killed in the war years and mark this day, which is one of the most important in their life.

Around 300,000 Georgians lost their lives in World War II.

There are around 1,300 Georgian war veterans still alive today.

One of the most iconic pictures signifying the end of the Great Patriotic War was taken by a Red Army photographer, Yevgeny Anan’evich Khaldei.

On 2 May 1945 Yevgeny Anan’evich Khaldei scaled the Reichstag building in Berlin to take the photograph of soldiers raising the hammer-and-sickle flag. Celebrated as the image is, it was a reconstruction of a moment that had happened several days before but had been missed by the cameras.

The official story was that two soldiers, Georgian Meliton Varlamovich Kantaria and the Russian Mikhail Yegorov, had raised the flag on April 30 but it was not until 2 May that all of the Germans that remained in the Reichstag finally surrendered and Khaldei was able to recreate the moment and take his photograph.

The photo represents a historic moment, the defeat of Nazi Germany in a war that cost tens of millions of lives, including the lives of around 300,000 Georgians.