Time to Reflect

I’m in my front ‘office’ at the top of the steps. It’s been a good day. There was only one major security incident. A man came into the yard but froze when he saw me. Apparently, he was a satellite engineer who had come to fix the satellite dish. I wish the people in the house would inform me in advance. They know that visitors need to be on my list! I really scared the man and he would only come into the yard once I was locked in the garden. Even then, he was very reluctant to come inside. Anyway, he fixed the satellite and I’m now able to watch ‘The Dog Whisperer’ again, which is good news. I have really missed Cesar Millan and the dogs who have problems. It’s a good programme but I can’t believe that so many dogs have so many problems. I would really like to meet the Dog Whisperer but I don’t think Cesar Millan will ever come to my yard. Why would he? I am so well adjusted!

Close Protection and Surveillance Operative

Ok, I had a late night last night but that doesn’t mean I can neglect my security duties. The tall person in the house has given me the job title of Close Protection and Surveillance Operative. If you have seen Kevin Costner in ‘The Bodyguard’ you will know what I mean. It’s a good job. I chase birds and cats out of the garden and I growl and bark at anyone who is brave enough to enter the yard (except the gas company lady – I like her).

My main ‘office’ is the balcony at the top of the stairs but I also have a branch ‘office’ on the veranda in the garden. These strategic locations enable me to rapidly react and deploy (case studies are available from visitors and neighbours).