Another trip down memory lane

By the time you read this the tall person will be 30,000 feet in the air! No, he hasn’t grown wings. He is flying on a plane to London.

He will be away for a week and Barnaby and me will miss him very much. I know he will miss us and our walks in the neighborhood.

The last time he went to London he suggested that I look through my blog and re-post some of my favorite stories. I thought that was a very good idea. A trip down memory lane will be fun, especially as Barnaby is now part of the family and he is interested to know what I did before he arrived. He will help me choose some special memories.

Hmm, I see that I have written over 700 little stories about my life since I started my blog in June last year. Looking through them and choosing some favorites is going to be a big task but I will look through them all and every day this week I will post a couple of my favorites.

I hope you will join me on another trip down memory lane.

I think I heard a cloud burst!

Tall person has been organising his photo albums. He told me that he stores all the photos of me in the ‘Cloud’. He could see I was a little confused so he explained the concept of ‘Cloud’ computing. Hmm, that’s all very well tall person but what happens when it rains? Will my neighborhood be flooded with pictures of me?

Anyway, the tall person told me that he had taken over 7,000 pictures of me since we set up Bassa’s Blog.

Phew! That is a very big ‘cloud’.

Tall person said that it is difficult to choose favorites from so many so I looked through them and chose these.

Hold on…..I think I heard a cloud burst.

I’m going outside to see myself in raindrops.

You found my bone!

I heard a noise in the night so I woke up the tall person so that we could both investigate. I know that he likes it when we do things together.

He let me out and I did a perimeter check of the yard but nothing was out there. Sorry tall person – false alarm.

I came back inside and he used the light from his cell phone to illuminate the kitchen clock and informed me that it was 3.00 a.m.

I would have shrugged my shoulders but something told me that it might be better to keep quiet. He looked at me and shook his head and then staggered back towards the bedroom.

I was about to warn him that I had left a bone in the hallway but I needn’t have worried – he found it! Hmm, you should have worn your slippers tall person – treading on a bone can be quite painful.

Anyway, don’t worry about me. I soon fell asleep again.

A Christmas Surprise (update)

In a recent post I shared my plan to surprise everyone and decorate the house with a fabulous Christmas tree. I had already identified a suitable tree in the garden (it’s actually a bush) and had been waiting for the right moment to dig it up and bring it into the house.

The right moment came this morning.

The tall person had a lie in and De responded to my wake up call. De can’t read my mind like the tall person can so I knew she would not realise what I was doing in the garden.

I set to work, dug up the tree and dragged it to the veranda to trim some of its branches – I prefer a minimalist look.

I had almost completed my artistic trimming and was about to drag the Christmas tree surprise into the house when I heard the tall person talking to De.

I had run out of time, the tall person was awake and would be able to read my mind!

Sure enough, he came out to the veranda and found me and found the tree.

He didn’t say anything as I watched him re-plant my Christmas tree in the hole where it used to live in the garden.

You spoiled my surprise tall person.

He looked at me with a resigned look on his face.

“I am never surprised by your ideas Bassa”.

I liked that response. It confirmed what I already knew – we are on the same wavelength tall person but next time have a longer lie in and I may yet surprise you!

This is the link to my earlier post:

He can read my mind (part 2)

I like apples a lot. In fact I love them. De’s father brought us a big bag of them recently and we have all been having an apple a day.

The tall person says that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Hmm, they must have the same effect as garlic on vampires.

Anyway, the tall person was at his computer eating slices of a juicy apple. I had eaten mine.

I sat and watched him for a while, hoping that he would share.

I waited and waited until there was one slice left.

Surely he would give me that last slice.

I waited.

He picked it up but instead of giving it to me I watched in disbelief as his hand began to move towards his mouth.

In an instant I pushed my head under his arm and grabbed the slice of apple.

Ha! I thought you could read my mind tall person.

He smiled in such a way that I knew he knew what I was going to do.

You are so tricky tall person.

And you are so predictable I heard him say.

He can read my mind!

I have suspected for some time that the tall person can read my mind. Why do I suspect this? Well, he often anticipates what I want and what I will do. This can be quite useful if I am hungry or want to go out or I want the channel changed on the TV – you may recall that I’m not allowed to use the remote control after an over enthuisiastic taste test on the previous one.

However, it can work against me if I try to undertake any “unauthorized action”. This phrase covers a wide range of activities deemed unacceptable by the tall person, including drinking from the toilet, which I’ve never really understood.

Well, what he doesn’t know is that I can read his mind. Wait, I’ve got to think this through. If he can read my mind does that mean he knows I can read his mind? I shall try a little experiment. He is sitting watching the television. Do you know what I am thinking tall person?

“Yes I do”.

He didn’t even look away from the television!

How embarrassing!

Before I could even finish thinking what I was thinking he told me that when people and animals are very close their senses and emotions become attuned to each other.

He explained that we all project what we are thinking through body language, facial expressions and mood. Sometimes this is very subtle so only people and animals who have a very close connection with each other can interpret it.

Hmm, so you can’t actually read my mind tall person?

He looked at me and smiled. “I’m still not allowing you to drink from the toilet”.

How did he know I was thinking that!

Where ancestors rest (part 3)

In a recent post about the 11th century church in the tall person’s ancestral village of Stogursey in the County of Somerset, England, I mentioned that there is also a castle.

The castle was built by the De Courcy family in the late 11th century and is surrounded by a water-filled moat.

The castle was largely destroyed in the mid-fifteenth century during the War of the Roses and only parts of the outer walls remain today.

In the early seventeenth century a house was built on the site of the castle gatehouse.

The house, which has a thatched roof, was restored in the 1980s and is now used as holiday accommodation.

What a beautiful place to stay!