An Old English Sheepdog called Daisy accused me of identity theft!

After I had posted the picture of me disguised as an Old English Sheepdog an Old English Sheepdog called Daisy contacted me and accused me of identify theft! She was quite annoyed and I had to promise not to do it again, which might be difficult given that I look so much like an Old English Sheepdog from behind. To be on the safe side I will ask the tall person to no longer take pictures of my bottom because it looks so much like Daisy the Old English Sheepdog!

Anyway, De forgave me for my attempt to create an indoor garden in the toy room this morning and we kissed and made up, so I no longer need a disguise. I am back to me – Bassa, the Caucasian Shepherd.

Thunder and lightning and the jumping game

It’s nearly bedtime and I am winding down. It’s been raining this evening – lots of thunder and lightning, which I love but it did mean that I couldn’t go outside to play. I wanted to but De said I would get wet and muddy and smelly so I stayed inside and played a jumping game – good fun!

De is cuddling me now.

Goodnight friends. I will see you in the morning.

I had to confiscate the brush!

I was relaxing on my sofa when De decided to sweep the floor. I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to relax when someone is waving a brush around and complaining about how much mess I make. Oh, De. How many times do I have to remind you? I am a puppy – I crunch everything into little pieces, I leave puddles of drool everywhere, I hide half eaten bones and half of what I drink escapes from my mouth – I have absolutely no table manners!

I was just about coping with the whirlwind of sweeping that was going on around me when De told me to get down from my sofa because it was “covered with crumbs”. I know De, I was saving them for later! Unfortunately, my very reasonable explanation was ignored and I was yanked down from the sofa by my collar.

Faced with extreme provocation I did what any other puppy would do – I confiscated the brush and took it back to my sofa for a good chew. De tried to get it back so I had to remind her that it is actually my brush – she gave it to me for my tenth month birthday. What a short memory she has!




How we first met

I was sitting with De this evening and she told me the story of how we first met. I was only six weeks old so I don’t really remember it clearly so I listened carefully. She said that I came from the famous nursery at St. George’s Monastery of Tabakini in Western Georgia, near Zestaphony. The priests there have bred Caucasian Shepherds since 1992 and have done much to champion the breed in Georgia and internationally. I may have told you that my father, Butkuna, is an international champion.

De said she and the tall person had wanted a Caucasian Shepherd for some time and made enquiries at the monastery and when I was ready a priest drove me to my new home in Tbilisi. De said that I was so small she could easily pick me up with one hand and I needed help getting down steps and for a while I was quite wobbly! I was also much, much smaller than the little person.

I was 10 months old yesterday. Neither De or the tall person can pick me up now, not even with two hands. If I stand on my back legs I can put my paws on De’s shoulders. The little person is much, much smaller than me. And, I no longer wobble!

Don’t get distracted De!

I helped De with the cleaning today but she kept getting distracted and wanted to play and hug and kiss me all the time. I told her that we will never get it done unless she temporarily forgets how irresistible I am. She tried hard but just couldn’t do it! Consequently, the cleaning took much longer to complete and we ended up very tired. But I must admit the hugs and kisses were very nice!

We did ‘brunch’

De and me are the only girls in the house so it’s important that we have our own time away from the boys. This morning was ideal as the tall person went out, Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot and the little person are still on vacation and my one-sheep-flock was asleep.

We had a lovely chat and she complemented me on my new look, which was nice.

Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot nearly fell off his perch!

I was in the middle of very sensitive truce negotiations with Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot when De sneezed very loudly. It scared the life out of me and Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot nearly fell off his perch. Because of this, he has informed me that he will have to ‘re-schedule’ because he feels ‘dizzy’. I am not sure I believe him as I definitely had the upper hand (paw) but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Of course I’m disappointed but I must remain professional. There is a lot at stake. This conflict with Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot must end, especially if I am to remain on the toy room balcony and in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ll have to ask the tall person if Henry Kissinger experienced this type of disruption when he was conducting delicate diplomacy.

I have notified De that unless she can give an undertaking that she can control her bodily functions I will have to bar spectators from the proceedings.

P.S. Bless you De! (I was so surprised I forgot to say it when she sneezed).