“Chcesz kości?”

Although the little person has recovered from his tummy illness both De and the tall person thought he should stay at home today, just to make sure. This was good news. I don’t usually see much of the little person during the week as he leaves early for school and does not return home until 6.00 p.m. He then has two hours of homework to complete each evening so we don’t have much playtime together.

However, I must not think only of myself – we can play later. He has already missed two days schooling and I am worried he might forget how to learn so I suggested that he have some lessons with me. You can see from these photos that he readily agreed!

Okay, what would you like to learn little person? Hmm, no response. I think we have a slight motivational problem. I shall have to try something different. Have you heard that it is possible to learn while you are sleeping? It is called hypnopaedia. The little person said that he didn’t believe me so I told him that in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, hypnopaedia was discovered after a Polish boy, named Reuben Rabinovitch, fell asleep while listening to an English radio broadcast by George Bernard Shaw. When he awoke,  he could recite what he had heard, word for word – even though he didn’t know English.

I suggested that we try hypnopaedia. We both lay side by side and I told him to relax and close his eyes and within a few minutes he was fast asleep.

Good, let us begin. I won’t trouble you with the calculus lesson we had but I will just share the ending with you. So, just to conclude little person, calculus is a branch of mathematics focused on limits, functions, derivatives, integrals and infinite series. When you wake up you will remember everything about calculus and………you will be so grateful that you will want to reward me! Wake up little person!

He rubbed his eyes and looked at me and said, “To było fantastyczne!” Oh dear, I believe that is Polish for ‘that was fantastic!’ Aldous Huxley was right about hypnopaedia!

He gave me a high five and then asked, “chcesz kości?”

Yes little person, I would love a bone!

Ah, all’s well that ends well.

The return of nurse Bassa

Despite a brief recovery yesterday the little person is still unwell. He was sick during the night and has been sick again several times today. The doctor has given him some medicine and we hope he feels better soon.

He didn’t want to stay in bed and is lying on the toy room floor. De is reading him a story and I am keeping his little feet warm.

Get well soon little person!

I would like some chicken soup!

The little person had a good night’s sleep and didn’t call for me but I couldn’t really settle because I was listening to him breathe, expecting him to stir any moment. Have you ever listened to someone breathe when they are asleep? After a while your breathing synchronizes, which feels lovely but then it slows or gets quicker and you try to synchronize again and then it stops for a while and you lie there worrying until it starts again. I couldn’t stop myself listening so I spent most of the night breathing irregularly whilst he slept like a baby!

In the morning he jumped out of bed and called for De, completely recovered. I however, feel shattered and can’t stop yawning!

De said she will make him chicken soup today, which sounds nice but who will look after poor tired Bassa? I would like some chicken soup De.

Nursing is such hard work!

Up and down, up and down, up and down. Sometimes days are full of ups and downs. Well, my day has been like that. I have been looking after the little person who has been feeling poorly today.

The one thing that is not feeling poorly is his voice.

“Can I have some water…..I’m hungry…..I’m bored…..it’s too bright in here…..it’s too light…..I’m hot……I’m cold……I want to read……I don’t like this book……I want to watch a movie……I can’t find the remote control”.

Are all little people like this when they are not well? Paediatric nursing is such hard work!

Hmm, he’s been quiet for 5 minutes. Perhaps he is asleep. I could do with a nap. I shall just close my eyes…….

“Bassa!” Bassa!” Ok, I hear you little ill person. I’m coming. What does he want now? Deep breath. I am a professional, I am a professional…….

Nurse Bassa

The little person wasn’t well during the night and woke us all up. He was still unwell in the morning so he didn’t go to school today. Poor little person.

I have been looking after him and I am pleased to report that thanks to my diligent care he now feels well enough to play computer games.

As you can see from the computer screen in the picture, my patient is on the road to recovery – well actually he is on the road to somewhere!

Now it is time for Nurse Bassa to take a well deserved break and catch up on some of that lost sleep. Please don’t ‘beep’ me for a while little person – Nurse Bassa is very tired.

I must remember to ask De to phone his teacher and ask her for the weekend homework – we wouldn’t want the little person to miss that would we! I am sure when he is fully recovered he will want to thank me for thinking of his education.

The little person learns on top of a mountain

From the title of this post you might suppose that the little person is being taught by Tibetan monks in a monastery high in the Himalayas and you would be partly right – not about the Tibetan monks or the monastery or the Himalayas but the little person’s school is at the top of a mountain. Not our mountain but another one on the other side of Tbilisi.

Every week day morning at 8.00 a.m. the tall person takes the little person to the end of the street to wait for the school minibus to take him to school. I always watch them from the toy room balcony. The school has lots of minibuses that collect children from all parts of Tbilisi, take them to school and then deliver them home again at the end of the day. Because the little person lives far from the school he is always the first to be picked up by his minibus and the last to be dropped off. He does not usually get home until 6.00 p.m. so he has a long day.

This is a picture of the little person’s place of learning at the top of the mountain. It is a very good school and he learns many things here, including Georgian, English and Russian languages.

The little person likes school and especially his teacher, whose name is Tamuna. All school children call their teachers “mas”. It is short for “mastsavlebeli”, which is the word for teacher.

There are lots of pictures of the little person at school but I chose this one to show you because it is my favourite. I should point out that this is not the little person’s school uniform. I think they had a dressing up day at school and he went as a white bear. And no, that is not me next to him – it is one of his friends pretending to be me.

Have a good day at your school on top of the mountain little person. I will be waiting on the balcony at 6.00 p.m.

One of the secrets of life

The little person returns to school on Monday so the last few days have been ‘a little tense’. I have never heard such moaning, groaning and complaining (except by me when I want to go out). It’s not because he dislikes school but because he has to complete all homework given to him when the summer recess began in June. Unfortunately for all of us the summer has passed very quickly and the imminent deadline has not especially inspired or motivated him, hence the tense situation in the house.

The tall person, De and me have all agreed that we will take turns sitting with him to give moral support, guidance, technical assistance (which mainly consisting of picking up the pen he seems to drop on the floor every two minutes) and, most importantly to stop him running off. Earlier this afternoon it was my turn to provide this much needed academic support. I call it guard duty. However, I am ashamed to admit that he tricked me. He said it was time for his ‘coffee break’ and he put his school books down and went to his bedroom and began playing a racing game on his computer.

A coffee break did seem plausible. The tall person is a big fan of them. But then it struck me. The little person doesn’t drink coffee and if he did this would be the longest coffee break in history. I had been duped! These little people are so devious. I began barking immediately and unfortunately for the little person De arrived before he could run back to the toy room and pretend to be working. Ha, now you are in trouble little person.

After some loud words from De he resumed his homework under her watchful eye.

I must say that De has been great. Her main ‘motivational’ technique consists of sitting at the little person’s side monitoring his painfully slow progress and glaring at him if he lifts his head up from his school books. It is quite an effective technique and she could probably make millions running motivation seminars.

I asked the tall person why people don’t always do things in good time. He said that there are a number of reasons. Sometimes other things must come first but sometimes people choose to put other things first. He said that it is very tempting to do only the things you enjoy and forget about the things you don’t enjoy but it’s not possible to completely forget and they will nibble away at your enjoyment until they receive attention.

So what is the answer tall person? He looked at me and smiled and after a few moments said, ‘one of the secrets of life Bassa is to learn to enjoy everything you do’.

Wow, I feel like I’ve been at school today.

Oh dear, I can hear the sounds of the racing game on the little person’s computer. There’s going to be trouble.

I have decided to keep out of the way until Monday morning when the school bus arrives.

Giant spider traps little person!

On this evening’s walk the little person got trapped in a giant spider web. I haven’t seen these before in Tbilisi. I barked and barked and it eventually let the little person go. Phew, what would have happened if I wasn’t there?

The little person didn’t seem concerned about his narrow escape because he ran to the swings and ‘swinged’ for a while.

He is such a brave little person!

A birthday, a bearded lady and a firework cake

Today was the little person’s birthday but celebrations began at one minute past twelve o’clock last night when he was allowed to open some of his gifts. He said that it was a Georgian tradition not to wait until the morning but I think he made that up! However, he didn’t wake up until late morning so I suppose there is some rationale for his ‘tradition’. But waking up late did mean that the planned surprise visit to Mtatsminda amusement park had to be postponed until tomorrow because the tall person said it would need the whole day.

So the tall person and De took him to McDonald’s for lunch. You can see from the picture that he enjoyed his Happy Meal!

They then went to Mushtaidi Park, which was a very popular amusement park in Soviet times. It is much smaller than Mtatsminda amusement park but is very interesting because it still has some of the Soviet era rides and a big wheel that doesn’t seem very big now. The tall person took some pictures of them.

But the main reason that the little person likes going to Mushtaidi Park is the bumper cars! You may know that the little person is crazy about cars and driving. The tall person said that the little person spent most of the afternoon behind the wheel of a yellow super car, ‘burning rubber’. You can tell from these pictures that he is a super fast driver. In fact, you can’t see him in one of the pictures because he was much quicker than the tall person’s camera!

The park has two funny statues. De said that they are Devi, fairy tale creatures that among other things kidnapped beautiful princesses. De told me that she held on tight to the tall person when she walked past them! Don’t worry, the one in the middle is not a Devi, it is the little person!

The tall person told me that he lost De and the little person for a while but found a lady with a long white beard and a small person with a long moustache.

He found them later and told them about the strange people he had met but they just laughed and finished eating their candy floss.

When they got home it was my turn to join in the birthday celebrations and we walked up to the forest to have a picnic.

By the time we had finished our picnic it was getting dark and time to go home.

And when we got home we had cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the little person enjoyed his birthday!