Trevor forever

Trevor is one of the wonderful Collies of the Meadow who live with Chuck and his family in the U.S.A.

On 6 February Trevor had a stroke and has been slowing declining.

Chuck has been posting regular updates about Trevor and also shared many wonderful memories of the time they have spent together.

Trevor is Chuck’s best friend and was his saviour after the loss of his beloved Niamh, bringing healing and joy into his life.

Trevor is still with us but time may be short now so I wanted to celebrate his life while they are both still together.

This picture is how I imagine a painter would capture the very special bond between Trevor and Chuck.

Trevor Forever

You can find Trevor and Chuck at the Collies of the Meadow blog:

I love my vet and he loves me

My vet came to see me this evening. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with me. It was just an injection and I don’t mind those because the tall person says that it is medicine that keeps me safe. My vet’s name is Paata and he is very kind and patiently waits until I have calmed down because I always get excited when I see him.

When we had finished the ‘business’ side of things we sat at the top of the stairs and chatted for a while. He has such an interesting job and gets to meet all sorts of animals and help them when they are sick. What a great job!

I asked De to take a picture of us so I could introduce Paata to all of my friends. You can see from the pictures that I love my vet and he loves me!

A candle for my friends and anyone in Irene’s way

When I went out for a walk this afternoon the tall person told me that a lot of my friends in the United States are worried about a hurricane that is blowing in from the ocean and bringing lots of rain and big winds. He said that homes could be flooded and the big winds could blow trees down and people and animals could be hurt.

When we got home, De lit a candle and we all asked that our friends (furry and non-furry) and anyone in Irene’s way be safe.

My friends, I am on my veranda thinking of you as the sun sets here in Tbilisi.

Dear Mama L and Crew

Dear Mama L and Crew, you were kind enough to write a post telling me more about yourselves and asking questions about me and my life. It was a lovely thing to do!

You asked some great questions and I shall do my best to answer them.

Mama L and Crew: Are you the typical size for your breed?

Bassa: I’m not sure. My father, Butkuna, is huge so may be I am a bit bigger than a typical 10 month old Caucasian Shepherd puppy. I do know that I have not finished growing yet! The tall person told me that the minimum height for females is 64 centimetres (25 in), with a desirable height between 67 and 70 centimetres (26 and 28 in). Adult females weigh at least 37 kilograms (80 lb). The minimum height for males is 68 centimetres (27 in), with a desirable height between 72 and 75 centimetres (28 and 30 in). Males weigh 50 kilograms (110 lb) and up. We are big dogs!

Mama L and Crew: Are Caucasian dogs only born in Georgia?

Bassa: No. The Caucasian Shepherd dog comes from the Caucasus Region which includes Georgia, Armenia, the North Caucasus countries, Azerbaijan and parts of Turkey. It was originally bred to protect livestock from bears and wolves. You might have seen pictures of my one-sheep-flock. I saved him from a bear attack once. It was only a little bear but it was very determined.

Mama L and Crew: What are your humans doing in Georgia? Were they travelling there and decided to stay or were they born there?

Bassa: De and the little person are Georgian and were born here. The tall person is English and he met De when he was working in the region and moved from England to live with her and the little person in Georgia.

Mama L and Crew: Do you really speak English and Georgian?

Bassa: I understand English, Georgian and Russian. The tall person, De and the little person always speak to me in English but De and the little person will revert to Georgian if I have been naughty because that is their first language.

Mama L and Crew: Do you get a special meal for your birthday, like a steak or burger?

Bassa: I am only 10 months old so I have not had a birthday yet but I am looking forward to a very special meal on October 11 (my birthday). De is a very good cook and will sometimes make me a pizza. I also love cake! De’s sister Mari makes very good cakes and she has promised to make me one very soon! I also like bones. The tall person has an arrangement with the butcher at the supermarket and he saves the best bones for me.

Mama L and Crew: What is it like to live with a crazy parrot?

Bassa: It’s a complete nightmare Mama L. Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot is very dangerous. That’s why he is in parrot prison. He pecked my nose once.

Well, I hope I have answered all of your questions Mama L and Crew. It was lovely of you to ask them!

P.S. Visit Mama L and her crew at their blog: They have some great posts!

The real treasures in life

The little person is at his grandparent’s village again. I miss him but I know he enjoys playing with his cousins and the little chickens in the village.  Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot is still here but he has been quiet today and is probably relieved that he is not in the village with Mr. Fox and the parrot eating frog.

One of my neighbours came to see me today and brought me a treat. The tall person said it was okay so I ate it. Delicious! He is a kind man and when I first came to live here he was one of the few people I didn’t bark at. Perhaps I sensed that he was nice. I have another neighbour who is a grandfather. I often see him in the street playing with his granddaughter. He is the most cheerful person I know. He is always smiling and is always happy. The tall person likes him very much and I do too. The tall person said to me that to grow old and still greet the world with a smile is a great gift.

I suppose, my missing the little person and seeing my kind neighbour reminded me of the importance of friendship and community. In the evenings, especially in the summer, my neighbours sit on the low wall on the other side of the street chatting while their children play in the street. The air is full of laughter and excitement and chatter. I can hear them now and I understand that laughter and friendship and caring for others are the real treasures in life.

Not quite the whole truth

De’s sister, Mari, came to visit this evening. She is great fun. I showed her my new balcony and we sat together enjoying the cool evening air. She asked if any birthday cake was left and I told her that the little person had eaten it all, which was not quite the whole truth but I didn’t want her to think that I’m greedy!

We will sit here until bedtime and enjoy each other’s company.

Goodnight world. I shall see you in the morning.

Mr. Parrot’s and Bassa’s Balcony

I did mention to the tall person that I wanted to rename Mr. Parrot’s balcony and remove the ‘squatter’ (Mr. Parrot) but he said that I should work it out with Mr. Parrot. So after my chat with the little person I went to the balcony where Mr. Parrot was enjoying the late afternoon sunshine (and magnificent views). I must say he is a chatty little thing. It was ages before I had a chance to talk. However, much to my surprise he actually suggested that we share the balcony. I must admit that I hadn’t thought of that and there is enough room for the both of us.

A perfect solution!

P.S. He goes to bed early so I will have the balcony to myself for much of the evening!

Don’t Get Dressed In The Dark

I had a restless night last night and couldn’t really settle. I was worried about my friend Bella who hurt herself yesterday and had to go to the dog doctor. The tall person understood and sat with me in the dark until I fell asleep.

We heard this morning that Bella is recovering at home. She sent us a picture of her wearing a t-shirt. I suppose it will help stop her scratching her hurt shoulder but Bella, was it dark when you put it on? You are wearing it back to front!

Get well soon.