Discover the secret of tall person’s slim physique!

The tall person is very slim. This is partly due to exercise – I take him for long walks around the neighborhood – and partly due to the small portions of food he consumes. However, they do not start off small.

In this post you can discover the secret of tall person’s slim physique:

Fill out a complaint form

I like to start the day with a yoghurt. Tall person says that it is a healthier alternative to the ‘Traditional English Breakfast’, even though I know he often has that when he goes to London.

I hope you are enjoying your sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans/grilled tomato, toast on the side and a pot of tea tall person!

Read about hiccups in room service at my house:

Gone fishin’

For the first stop in my trip down memory lane Barnaby insisted that we choose a post about fish. Being a cat, he loves fish and being a dog I like it too!

The fisher people might be disappointed that the post is not about angling techniques or special bait, lures or hooks but it does feature a very lovely trout, albeit a fish out of water.


Join me on my fishing expedition:

Another trip down memory lane

By the time you read this the tall person will be 30,000 feet in the air! No, he hasn’t grown wings. He is flying on a plane to London.

He will be away for a week and Barnaby and me will miss him very much. I know he will miss us and our walks in the neighborhood.

The last time he went to London he suggested that I look through my blog and re-post some of my favorite stories. I thought that was a very good idea. A trip down memory lane will be fun, especially as Barnaby is now part of the family and he is interested to know what I did before he arrived. He will help me choose some special memories.

Hmm, I see that I have written over 700 little stories about my life since I started my blog in June last year. Looking through them and choosing some favorites is going to be a big task but I will look through them all and every day this week I will post a couple of my favorites.

I hope you will join me on another trip down memory lane.

Who would have guessed?

In a post earlier today I mentioned that things are not always what they appear to be.

There is a house in my street that has a polished metal yard door and polished metal yard walls.

On the door there is a sign in Georgian that says “There is a ferocious dog in the yard!”

The sign is written in red and I have often wondered if it was written with the blood of a poor unfortunate visitor.

I had always thought that the dog must be extremely formidible, especially as it needs to be contained by a metal door and walls.


……..when I was waiting for the school bus with the little person we happened to see this mighty canine!

Who would have guessed?

He is so small I almost tripped over him! Needless to say, he took one look at me and retreated to the safety of his polished metal door.

Hmm, it would appear that the use of an exclamation mark at the end of the warning sign is meant to be ironic.

The baker takes a break from E.R.

We went to the pet shop today because Barnaby and me needed more ‘fuel’. Tall person said that we were both running on empty. That might explain the strange gurgling noises I heard in my tummy this morning!

Anyway, after ‘re-fueling’ we walked further down Marjanishvili Street because the tall person wanted to take some photographs of the beautiful Russian Orthdox church.

Whilst I was waiting for him I noticed a man sitting on a bench. He was dressed all in white, which is probably very comfortable in this hot weather. I have seen people dressed in similar clothes on TV and knew that he must be a medical man, possibly a surgeon.

Wow, he is probably in the middle of a life saving operation and popped outside for a quick break.

I wonder if the man he is talking to is at the head of a queue for operations. He looks very healthy though so perhaps he just stopped to chat with the surgeon.

I pointed the man out to the tall person when he returned from taking photographs of the church and was very surprised when he told me that the man is in fact a baker and not a surgeon.

Hmm, if he is a baker why is he masquerading as a surgeon? That could be very confusing. I’m sure people in need of medical attention would be very surprised to be prescribed a loaf of bread.