Cat shirks household chores

On my walk through the house today I saw this.


Yes. Barnaby had fallen asleep whilst doing the vacuuming.


He did look tired. I hope that the tall person does not find him sleeping and think that he is shirking his chores.

I later found out that Barnaby had fallen asleep after just one minute’s vacuuming. Hmm.

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Self defense for cats

You may recall that Barnaby got out of the yard and was attacked by another cat a few weeks ago. Since then he has stayed close to me but last night he went out again and didn’t come home until morning.

I stayed up most of the night waiting for him. When he finally returned home I asked him why he had stayed out all night and he shrugged and said that is what cats do.

I sat him down and reminded him of the dangers on the street. He reminded me that he is bigger now and can take care of himself.

Hmm, youngsters think they know it all.

Anyway, I insisted that he attends my Self Defense for Cats classes. He is doing quite well. In this picture he is demonstrating a lethal stranglehold on the little person’s old teddy bear.

Street teddy bears beware!

Barnaby says thank you!

Barnaby asked me to thank everyone for their get well wishes and lovely messages.

He is feeling much better today and we were able to have a chat about how he came to be attacked.

He said that he had met an adult tom cat in the street and went to say hello but the cat attacked him, scratching his ear and the top of his nose. He was taken completely by surprise and could not defend himself against the stronger cat so he ran home as fast as he could.

He showed me where the cat had scratched his nose. Ouch!

Attacked by bigger boys!

My kitten, Barnaby, got out of the yard yesterday evening and didn’t come home at bedtime. We went looking for him but couldn’t find him.

We were all very upset and I went to sleep feeling very sad.

At 4.15 a.m. I heard a sound outside and immediately alerted the tall person.

When he opened the back door I was relieved to see my little Barnaby.

He was very pleased to see us.

He had clearly been roughed up and had a small cut beneath one of his eyes.

Tall person administered some first aid and then Barnaby curled up against me and fell asleep.

He has been very subdued this morning and spent most of the time asleep on his favorite red chair. I will have a chat with him later and remind him that the streets can be very mean and he needs to stay away from bigger boys.

Looking after a kitten is a big responsibility

It’s a big responsibility looking after a kitten. It’s also very tiring. I can’t remember the last time I had an uninterrupted nap. Although my kitten, Barnaby, likes to sleep he rarely sleeps at the same time I do so I have to stay awake and keep an eye on him. That is the most tiring part. He rarely stays still. He is always exploring and getting into trouble. So far he has fallen in the bath, got stuck up a tree, gone to sleep in the washing machine (it was off), caught bees and wasps and got himself shut in the refridgerator.

So when he is tired and curls up with me and goes to sleep I breathe a big sigh of relief!

Too many memories

It was raining this afternoon and then the sun came out so I suggested to Barnaby that we go to the toy room balcony and look for rainbows.

I used to spend a lot of time on the toy room balcony. It overlooks the street and also my neighborhood and has wonderful views of the city of Tbilisi. I liked to sit here with my friend Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot but since he died I haven’t felt like sitting here alone. Too many memories.

Anyway, I was really pleased that I invited Barnaby to the balcony. He really liked it and I liked his company. We didn’t see any rainbows but that didn’t matter. It was just nice being on my balcony with a friend.


He must improve his Parkour!

Barnaby showed me that he can climb up a tree. Unfortunately, he has not yet learned how to climb down a tree.

He balanced precariously on the thin branches and cried.

I suggested that he jump onto my back but he didn’t seem keen to land on a furry trampoline so I had to alert the tall person.

Tall person came and reached up and rescued our intrepid “traceur”.

Tall person said that Barnaby must improve his Parkour skills – a physical discipline which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles.  Developed in France by David Belle, the main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping. Parkour practitioners are known as “traceurs”.

Hmm, Barnaby’s Parkour skills seem to be okay when my food bowl is being filled!