Plants facing acute housing shortage

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I found this strange sight.

Grass in bottle

I pointed it out to the tall person and asked him why the grass had decided to make its home inside a discarded bottle. He told me that it was a warm, safe home for the plant.

I suggested to the tall person that the people in the neighborhood must like plants very much as I have seen a number of discarded bottles that had obviously been donated to the plants in an effort to alleviate their housing shortage but he shook his head and said that it was a bad thing to do. He told me that people who leave trash in the countryside do not think of the harm it can cause to plants and animals.

Oh. In that case, I think you should vacate your greenhouse little plant. Live under the sky like nature intended and do not collaborate with the harmful practices of thoughtless people.

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6 thoughts on “Plants facing acute housing shortage

  1. quite right Bassa..but if humans were to put their waste where it was supposed to go and not leave it littering the countryside,,,,many plants would be saved from death and many animals would not die in agony trying to get out of the bottle or can what has been left inside..even the smell attracts animals. People are so stupid, thoughtless, and careless

  2. Oh Bassa…we know it is not good for two-leggeds to throw bottles out into nature, but as you can see from your photo, some grass made the best of a bad situation. As Bongo said, it would make a cool terrarium on someone’s shelf!

  3. Your person has this one right, B. Around here there are nasty bottles and boxes on the ground a lot. And sometimes hamburger wrappers and French fry containers ….which seem less wrong somehow….

    Love and licks,

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