Save our Trees!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw this strange sight.

Tree in Tbilisi

Someone had gone to extraordinary lengths to protect their tree.


I pointed it out to the tall person and asked if people had begun to safeguard the neighborhood trees from illegal logging activity. He smiled and told me that it was unlikely to be the work of environmental activists. He suggested that someone had stacked the bricks for future use and had carefully placed them around the tree.

Hmm. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees tall person – or bricks. Just to be safe, I think I should consider additional security for my chewing sticks.

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10 thoughts on “Save our Trees!

  1. On your walks they’re piling up bricks – on mine they keep piling up rocks. The Tall Person doesn’t have any imagination though. You’d better retrain him.

  2. We were wondering if they stacked the bricks there to make sure the tree stayed straight as it grew taller. It is sure nice to see a post from you sweet Bassa we really miss you here on WP. Hugs and nose kisses

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