The Great Sphinx of Tbilisi

On my walk through the kitchen today I stumbled upon an undiscovered Egyptian sphinx.

The Sphinx

I immediately alerted the tall person to this important archaeological find and he smiled and told me that it was our cat Barnaby and not the mythical creature that has the body of a lion and a human head and was known as a ferocious and ravenous monster.

Ok. I got the head part wrong.

11 thoughts on “The Great Sphinx of Tbilisi

  1. Bassa! How could you not recognize your best friend? I think motherhood has given you “puppyvision” where the only things you see are your pups! *grins and scratches you behind the ears* give Barnaby a “mama bath” for me, too!

  2. Oh, sweet Bassa you made us laugh out loud. We knew that was your sweet Barney but we can see how his legs and front paws would make you think Sphinx if you just got a quick glance at him. Hugs and nose kisses

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