A Hot Dog!

On my walk through the bathroom today I saw this.


One of my puppies had climbed onto the heated towel rail!

I immediately raised the alarm and the tall person came to investigate.

When he saw the stranded puppy he smiled and told me that it was not one of mine – it was a stuffed toy that had been washed.

Hmm. It looked like one of mine.

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15 thoughts on “A Hot Dog!

  1. Sweet Bassa what a great mama you are you sure do watch out for your new babes. We are happy that was not one of yours. You better rest while you can they will be running and playing everywhere soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Is that beanie baby? They remind me so much of a plushed toy called beanie babies, and I’m pretty sure my sister has the same one! (I sort of tried collecting them). Looks like a bullterrier puppy. 🙂 cute!

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