Bassa is expecting puppies!

We found a mate for Bassa in the summer and she is expecting puppies as early as next week.

Bassa Caucasian Shepherd

This magnificent Caucasian Shepherd dog is the father of Bassa’s puppies.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Do you remember when Bassa was a puppy?

Bassa as a puppy

Bassa as a puppy

Very soon we will have lots of little Bassa’s! 

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32 thoughts on “Bassa is expecting puppies!

  1. Oh, sweet Bassa congratulations…we will be looking forward to seeing your puppies when they arrive and the tall person posts pictures. We know you will have beautiful, adorable puppies. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. WOW! Congratulations Bassa!! Are you going to let your best cat friend see the puppies, too? Tell the Tall Man that he will need to give you extra head pats and belly rubs when this is all over because you’ll be doing all the work!

  3. Oh Bassa, how exciting! Wishing you an easy {as it can be} delivery. I may appear on your doorstep when there’s more than one of you to cuddle 😉 But you’ll always be my favourite CS! xox

  4. Congratulations, Bassa and family! I read about you on Chuck’s blog, Bassa is really gorgeous and so is the new daddy. I know the puppies will be too!

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