Don’t lick the sidewalk!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw this on the sidewalk.


I was about to lick the delicious looking ice cream when the tall person stopped me and told me that it wasn’t real. He said that someone had painted it.

I was shocked. How many unsuspecting dogs and small children have fallen for this despicable trick and returned home with gritty tongues?

There should be a warning sign – ‘Don’t lick the sidewalk unless you are completely sure’.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t lick the sidewalk!

  1. I wonder if it’s one of those crime scene paintings. That’s where the ice cream cone fell and someone needed to keep a record of it. If only you’d been there before they cleaned it up you would have had some real ice cream.

  2. Haha – that is so funny… and especially as I have started to do chalk drawings on the sidewalk! I’ll be careful if drawing icecreams and jellybeans, to put a warning sign up about licking! 😉

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