Angry brides!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw two angry brides in a window.

Angry Bald Brides

I asked the tall person why the brides looked so angry and he smiled and told me that perhaps they are arguing about whose dress is better.

Calm down ladies. It appears that you are unaware that stress can cause Alopecia areata, stopping hair growth and making hair fall out.

I hope it grows back before the big day!


9 thoughts on “Angry brides!

  1. of course if one of them had been wearing a wig,,,,,,,,”you can’t see the join Ern”. Hope you have recovered from the double pints at the Tbilisi Beer Festival!

  2. Maybe they need to spend more time with their boyfriends instead of with each other. My person knew someone who did lose some of his hair due to stress – but it was only one little spot.

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