Dog stuck in tree!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw a dog in a tree.

Face of a dog in a tree trunk

I pointed it out to the tall person and he told me that I was experiencing a psychological phenomenon called  Pareidolia. He explained that seeing images of animals or faces in clouds or tree bark are examples of pareidolia.

Hmm. Never mind the psycho babble tall person, who is going to rescue the dog?

Arboreal congestion!

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I noticed this example of arboreal congestion.

Pipes and a Tree

I pointed it out to the tall person and he told me that it was a jumble of gas pipes, telegraph poles and several trees.

Hmm. I wonder why they had decided to congregate together. I asked the tall person and he told me that it is an example of an obligate symbiotic relationship, meaning that they depend on each other for survival. Without the support of the telegraph pole the gas pipe would fall down and without the support of the tree the telegraph pole would fall.

He couldn’t explain what the tree gained from this curious relationship so we walked on. 

Eight hundred and sixty three glimpses of me

Don’t be panicked by the title of this post. It does not contain 863 photos of me that would take all day to view or 15 minutes to  scroll to the bottom, press ‘like’ (hopefully), breathe a sigh of relief and quickly move on to the next blog. The title of this post refers to the 863 posts that comprise Bassa’s Blog on its second anniversary.

On this day, two years ago, I was relaxing on the cool stone floor of the bathroom chatting to the tall person when he took this photo and suggested that we start to blog about our life in Tbilisi. This is the very first picture posted on Bassa’s Blog.

It's cool in the bathroom

Neither of us knew much about blogging but decided to leap into the world wide web and hope that we would not be eaten by a gigantic internet spider. Fortunately we weren’t and I am beginning to think that there is no such thing as a gigantic internet spider.

Anyway, I digress. Like me, Bassa’s blog has grown over the last two years. My first post had two ‘likes’ (it still has) but since then I have made many wonderful blogging friends from all over the world. I want to thank everyone who has visited Bassa’s Blog. I know how busy you are and I am thrilled whenever you stop by and say hi and leave a comment.

It has been a busy two years. Aside from recording our daily adventures on the blog we published ‘Bassa’s World’ eBook at the end of last year and have plans to write another.

It’s another hot day in Tbilisi and just like two years ago I am relaxing on the cool stone floor of the bathroom chatting to the tall person. Hmm. I sense Déjà vu.