Bassa’s Traditional Georgian Toast

I have always been in awe of the amazing Georgian recipes published on the tall person’s Georgia About blog so I have decided to make my contribution to traditional Georgian cuisine.

For my debut recipe I have decided to make traditional Georgian toast. I know you are thinking that this is an ambitious start but I decided to begin with something of medium difficulty to see if I had the magic culinary touch.

Follow this step-by-step photo recipe and you too can enjoy traditional Georgian toast!

Georgian Toast

Ingredients: Bread and a bit of butter. If you do not have access to Georgian ingredients you can use local substitutes but you will lose some of the Georgian ‘authenticity’ of this recipe.


Preparation: Cut two slices of bread – thick slices if you are hungry and thin slices if you are not too hungry. If you are in-between hungry you could use one thick slice and one thin slice. Once you have decided how hungry you are and have cut the bread to meet your individual needs insert the two slices of bread into a Georgian toaster (or local substitute). Now wait. Whilst waiting you could pass the time by looking at other posts on this blog – it will help avoid your tummy making hungry noises.

When the toast is ready, remove the slices from the Georgian toaster (or local substitute) and apply Georgian butter (or local substitute) to one side of each slice of toast. Applying butter to both sides is permissible but you will risk having hot, melting butter drop on your lap. We don’t want to waste that lovely Georgian butter (or local substitute)!


Serving: Serve hot, put your feet up and enjoy Bassa’s traditional Georgian toast.

Buttered Toast

Hmm, I really do think I have a talent for this.

P.S Please don’t tell the tall person about my culinary expertise or he will want me to help him in the kitchen all of the time and I’ll have less time to snooze in my shady spot in the yard.

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