Do you dream of being taller or having bigger hands?

The tall person told me that when we are asleep our body produces growth hormone.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppy Sleeping

I must have slept a lot when I was young!

Bassa May 2012_19 months old

I mentioned the benefits of sleep to my cat Barnaby and he told me that he would like to wake up with bigger paws.

Barnaby the Cat

I think it’s working!

16 thoughts on “Do you dream of being taller or having bigger hands?

  1. That seems to be the trick around our home also. Our crew is still growing although I thought there was a time when they were supposed to stop…. Thank You for the posting. 🙂

  2. Yep, sweet Bassa we think you must have slept night and day when you were young. Mumsy said she need to have slept more she is so short she can’t reach stuff. Sweet Barnaby is wanting a really big paw. 🙂 Hugs and nose kisses

  3. I love this post. It is so good to visit you again. Love the book and the new blog! I remember when you first started. : ) I have been out of the circuit lately, and still am not back, as I am busy taking care of Miss Sadie Lou. She is not doing well, but has much gumption and Miss Stella is busy helping me take care of her. Thank you for bring a big smile to my heart … seeing that second picture of you… so HUGE…. brightened my day. : )

    • It is so lovely to hear from you. I have missed you. I am very sorry to hear about Miss Sadie Lou. I send love and a big Bassa hug to her and Miss Stella and you. I remember your encouragement when I first started blogging. You were an inspiration and still are. Please keep in touch xx

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