A message for a busy person

The tall person surprised me today. He told me that someone hasn’t read my book, ‘Bassa’s World’. I thought he was joking but he shook his head sadly and told me that it was true. He patted my head and told me that there was probably a very good reason why someone did not want to walk with me in my world.

Feeling dejected, I found Barnaby and together we went to a corner of the yard to ponder.

We laid down in our favorite spot and decided to approach this sad news in a logical way and think of reasons why someone did not want to walk with us in our world.


After thinking for a while, Barnaby suggested that the person who has not read ‘Bassa’s World’ cannot read. Hmm. That could explain it but the book does have lots of lovely pictures. Barnaby agreed, so we crossed off that reason from our mental list.

Barnaby scratched his head with his paw. He always does that when he is thinking hard. Perhaps they can read he suggested but can’t read English. Hmm. That is a good point Barnaby. I do have friends in countries where English is not the main language. But the book does have lots of lovely pictures.

Barnaby curled up against me. The warm sunshine was making him sleepy.

Barnaby the cat relaxing on Bassa Caucasian Shepherd

I gave him a gentle nudge with my nose and asked him to keep thinking. He yawned and stretched and said that perhaps the person has been very busy and has not had time to walk with me in  ‘Bassa’s World’.

I think Barnaby wants a hug

Hmm. That must be it. My friends do lead very busy lives. I am sure that is the reason why someone hasn’t walked with me in ‘Bassa’s World’.

I stood up, relieved by this conclusion.

I could hear the tall person person calling me. It was time for our walk through the neighborhood. I am lucky, I get to walk in my world every day.

Barnaby smiled and curled up in the sunshine.

Okay busy person. When you are less busy, click here to walk with me in ‘Bassa’s World’. I am waiting to show you all of the extraordinary ordinary wonderful things that live in my neighborhood. Visit me soon!

14 thoughts on “A message for a busy person

  1. Isn’t that pic of Barnaby lying up against Bassa just the cutest!!! Fear not, as soon as I can afford the book, I’m definitely going to read it. Life slightly hard this side but it WILL change and I WILL get to know you better.

  2. Oh no. Shhh, I feel I may be that person. I don’t own one of those new fangled electronic reader type things and don’t even have broadband in my home. Forgive me. Can I continue to walk with you on your blog?? I love those pictures of you and Barnaby, especially that last one. I’m trying to think up a caption but my brain seems to have stopped working. Again. 🙂 Sigh. I’ve been taking a boggy break and am enjoying catching up on your posts.

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