A long way from Arkansas

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I found this truck.

I asked the tall person what ACT 146 meant and he thought for a few moments and then told me that it probably refers to Act 146 of the 2009 Regular Session of the U.S. State of Arkansas General Assembly which provides options for the agricultural industry to use more fuel efficient vehicles to reduce costs.

Oh, I thought it may have referred to the U.S. State of Michigan ACT 146 of 2000 which provides for the establishment of obsolete property rehabilitation districts in certain local governmental units.

I mentioned it to Barnaby when I got home and he said it is probably just a licence plate number.

Hmm, your knowledge of U.S. State Law is severely lacking Barnaby.

Bassa’s Blog Wins Bronze in Top 5 Funniest Travel Blogs Awards

Top U.K. travel company, MyTravelMoney.co.uk, names Bassa’s Blog as a Bronze Award Winner in its 2012 Top 5 Funniest Travel Blogs Awards.

Acknowledged as the “Oscars of the Travel Blogging world” the awards are a celebration of travel blogging excellence.

“As avid followers of a variety of travel blogs, we wanted to acknowledge and reward the sheer breadth of entertaining, educating and inspiring travel content.” Daniel Abrahams, Managing Director, MyTravelMoney.co.uk

In announcing the winners, chief editor Lynda Hamilton said, “Welcome to the daily diary of Bassa – a large, Caucasian Shepherd dog living in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. This multi award winning blog documents the world of Tbilisi through Bassa’s eyes and is followed by 5,000 people worldwide.

Written by Mike Day, who also authors the successful Georgia About blog, which featured in one of our previous awards categories, it’s not only funny but gives a great insight into what real life is like in every day Georgia. Bassa is pretty cute, too. Just take a look at her profile pic to see what we mean. Congratulations, Bassa, you’ve landed our Bronze badge.”

Bassa’s Blog is delighted and honoured to be chosen as a Bronze Award Winner in these prestigious awards.

Thank you MyTravelMoney.co.uk

Are you in need of extrasensory bio-energy correction?

On my walk through the neighborhood today I found a sign with strange pictures on it.

The tall person said it was a sign for a beauty salon. He said that numbers 1-3 in the list refer to hair, nail and eye care and numbers 4 and 5 offer massage services.

Hmm, so what are numbers 6 and 7?

Tall person smiled and said that if you asked for number 6 the people in the beauty salon would foretell your future.

Wow – I never saw that coming!

And number 7?

The tall person studied the sign carefully and told me that number 7 offers extrasensory bio-energy correction.

Hmm. We both stood in silence looking at the picture.

After a while I suggested to the tall person that perhaps it means scanning a person’s energy field using extra sensory abilities and then undertaking a process of correction and re-balancing.

He looked at me and told me that I was probably right.