Art can be enjoyed by everyone – except by the tall person.

On my walk through the neighborhood today I noticed further evidence of the popularity of street art.

I sat on the sidewalk for a while to reflect upon the artist’s message but I must confess that the meaning eluded me.

I pointed it out to the tall person and he told me that the road is being repaired. This explanation helped me to understand the meaning of this bold piece of art. Clearly, the artist is reminding us that our lives may appear calm on the surface but it is merely a veneer.  Beneath lies the rocky path of our journey that each of us tries to conceal.

I mentioned this to the tall person and he told me that they are repairing the road.

Hmm, you just don’t get it do you tall person?

Dorothy blown off course and lands in Georgia!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw this.

I can’t read Georgian script but the red shoes looked familiar.  Clearly, this is a plaque commemorating Dorothy from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and her journey home from the Emerald City. When she tapped her heels together three times, and repeated “There’s no place like home” she was blown off course and arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia instead of Kansas in the U.S.

I pointed out the plaque to the tall person and he smiled and told me that it is a sign for a shoe shop.

Ah, I see. Dorothy stayed in Tbilisi to sell footwear.

I hope Toto likes it here.