Bring shorts and a beach towel!

We have not been down to see the lady who sells little things for a while so we decided to drop by on our walk through the neighborhood today.

I was very pleased to see that the lady who sells little things had devised a new strategy to lure customers to her little shop.

We are in the middle of a very hot summer and the lady who sells little things has cleverly created a beach-like atmosphere to put potential customers in a carefree vacation mood. We all know we spend more than we should when we are on vacation!

I pointed it out to the tall person expecting him to be impressed by the lady’s marketing skills but he told me that workers are repairing the road and had probably left sand there ready for when they need it.

Hmm, I think this marketing strategy was way too subtle for you tall person. When the weather turns cooler and the lady who sells little things no longer needs her beach she will sell it to the workers who are repairing the road.

I told the tall person that I am considering nominating the lady who sells little things for Tbilisi’s business woman of the year.

He looked and me and smiled.

16 thoughts on “Bring shorts and a beach towel!

  1. Well, sweet Bassa we think since that sand is on that lady’s store property she should be able to profit from it. So if it is like the tall person says then the lady should charge the street workers a space rental fee for storing their sand on her property. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. You must be right. Piles of sand sit around forever around here waiting to be used in road repairs. Next time I must look to see if there is a woman selling little things nearby!

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