Rest in piece

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I saw this.

Someone had placed cut sections of tree trunks on the sidewalk, perhaps in memory of trees that they had known and loved. They looked like wooden tombstones and I wondered if I had wandered into the final resting place of wood.

I pointed it out to the tall person and he smiled and said that it was unlikely to be something so noble – someone probably put them there to stop cars parking on the sidewalk.

Hmm, who would want to park in a cemetery?

19 thoughts on “Rest in piece

  1. Bassa, you are so very astute. I sometimes think that your ideas are the correct ones and the tall person is wr- er… misguided. Then again, I, also, have been known to be incorrect in my comprehension of things at times. The tall person can rest, assured that he is in good company.

  2. Cap’n Firepants would call those “bollards” I believe. This was the first landscape architecture term he taught me when were dating. And it’s pretty much the only one I ever remember – because it’s so fun to say.

  3. Sweet Bassa we think you surely must be right, why else would those stumps be there? 🙂 We don’t see why anyone would want to park on the sidewalk. Hugs and nose kisses

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