Rare limbo tree saved by botanical garden!

Tall person, De and the little person recently visited the Botanical Garden. They didn’t go in by the main entrance, instead they used the newly built steps that lead down from the aerial tramway terminus at Narikala.

This is what they found at the bottom of the steps.

It was okay for the little person to walk under. However, De had to bow her head and the tall person had to bend double to pass under it.

Tall person was surprised that this tree branch was allowed to block the steps in this way but thought that as it is a botanical garden the workers had been instructed not to damage any of the plants when they were building the steps.

Personally, I am very pleased that this rare limbo tree has been saved for everyone to enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Rare limbo tree saved by botanical garden!

  1. That branch looks like so much fun to play with. Maybe Poppy could learn to walk across it like a tight rope walker! After all Poodles are supposed to be performers aren’t they? 😀 teehee.

  2. Now that is most interesting…wonder which was there first the steps or tree. Those steps would make for some difficult limbo we think. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. I lol’d at limbo tree. I wish I was there to see how it could compare to my height, being 5’11. Did you get any snapshots of it from the bottom of the steps infront? And I can’t believe they actually kept it there and not deciding to remove it. Bravo

    -Tony Salmeron

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