UFO lands in Georgia!

It’s been quite a week for alien spotting in my neighborhood. Several days ago I saw a small gold suited visually impaired laptop repair extraterrestrial and yesterday I found a flying saucer in Tbilisi!

Finally, we have proof of alien beings!

I pointed out the flying saucer to the tall person and he smiled and told me that it is the new Emergency Control Center. The center coordinates fire, rescue, medical emergency and patrolling services.

Ah, thank you tall person. I think it is very nice of the extraterrestrials to provide that service from their flying saucer.

26 thoughts on “UFO lands in Georgia!

  1. We have aliens in Sedona too. I wonder if they have an extra ship they could leave for us? On another subject Bassa, you probably know this, but I just learned there’s a whole people group in Africa that is named after you – the Bassa people. You really are famous.

    • I have heard of the Bassa people Bongo. I googled my name and found that they had named themselves after me – amazing and very flattering! Is there a race of Bongos? 🙂

      • This is too cool. I just googled my name and there are two groups called Bongo people in Africa. I never knew that. One of the groups speaks the Bongo language. I bet I could communicate really well with them.

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