Tall person says thank you!

I am writing on behalf of the tall person to thank everyone who has visited his new blog, ‘Georgia About’.

He has been very busy writing posts and taking photographs of the best of everything about our beautiful country.

De has also been very busy cooking and preparing recipes for Georgian meals, which tall person has posted on the new blog (and then eaten!).

I am also pleased to report that the little person has been enjoying the spin off benefits of the new blog, partly because of De’s delicious meals but also because he has accompanied the tall person and De on their Georgia About reporting missions, which have included a visit to a bakery to see how real Georgian bread is made, a trip to Tbilisi’s Narikala Castle, a walk across the Bridge of Peace, a ride on the new aerial tramway, lots of rides at Mtatsminda amusement park and lots more!

Tall person loves Georgia and loves to share his experience of this wonderful country.

Here are some of the comments he has received on his Georgia About blog:

WOW!!!! What a beautiful country…. I could move to Georgia in a minute… its has to be one of the prettiest places in the world… amazing. What a secret gem of beauty Georgia is! 

You are doing an amazing job here! It was clear already from Bassa’s blog that you had a beautiful and unique style in writing, so as a reader I’m really happy that I can now enjoy more of your work in this blog.

What a country… so much is so historical yet other parts are so far into the future that it is stunning…. amazing!

We absolutely love this! It is so interesting learning about Georgia and what a cool place to visit! Sure is a beautiful country! Keep up the great posts!!!

More and more you’re making me want to travel to Georgia.

Sounds delicious! And I love your photos of all the ingredients… they’re attractive and helpful. Thanks!

I knew this was going to be a great blog. I enjoyed this so much.

I want some now! No, wait – I want a big bowl!

Our mouths are watering! Great post!!!

So much history and yet so much on the cutting edge of modern design and beauty!!!

If you have not yet visited Georgia About please drop by and say hi to the tall person – he will be very happy to see you!

12 thoughts on “Tall person says thank you!

  1. “Georgia About” lets me travel there without leaving my chair. Of course, it also makes me want to visit in person, so now Georgia is high on my list of must see places. Many thanks to the Tall Person for providing such great information about the culture and history. I still love reading your posts, Bassa – it’s great to get the dog’s eye view of Georgia, too.

  2. It is a brilliant blog Bassa, clearly you have taught him well from all your brilliant posts! It is making typist want to visit – all she needs to do is locate Georgia on a map (geography is not her strong point!! In fact I am yet to see her strong point!)

  3. My first thought – well maybe second, “Do you do takeout?” Fantastic blog, architecture astounding, the photographs of everything from green beans to buildings enchanting. We lived in Denpropetrovsk, Ukraine in the early 90s, and I only knew Georgians from seeing them come into Dneper; there were skermishes going on i think, so we saw the rough tough side of thiings at times. this is enchanting; my best to Bassa, give him Persian kisses (1 kiss on each side of face); i am not Persian, but I like to approach animals I love that way.

  4. We should be the ones thanking you for putting out such a terrific blog with tons of wonderful information and great pictures. I am behind but hope to catch up on some of the posts I have missed. Looking forward to all the future posts. Thank you sweet Bassa for putting this out for the tall person. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Thank you to Tall Person, I look forward to reading both blogs when I’m drinking my coffee (not as strong as Tall Person’s!) before I start work in the morning

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