They all wear colorful spectacles and false moustaches!

The little person attends an international school on top of the mountain on the other side of Tbilisi. It is an excellent school and the little person is very happy there.

The school’s website mentions that students learn British culture and traditions as well as learning English.

On a recent visit to the school the tall person noticed this wonderful decoration on one of the lockers in the corridor outside the little person’s classroom:

Being English, the tall person was very pleased to see the wonderful sentiment but was surprised to learn that people in the U.K. are now all wearing multi-colored spectacles and false moustaches.

Clearly, students are kept well informed about changes in traditional British costume. Tall person said that the next time he visits London he will not take his bowler hat and umbrella but will instead make sure he is properly attired with colorful eyewear and a false moustache. He said he would not want to be laughed at for wearing the wrong accessories.

You make me shine!

Bassa’s Blog is one year old today!

One year ago I placed a tentative paw on the keyboard to begin recording my daily adventures with tall person as we explore our neighborhood in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.

We have seen and shared so many amazing things that we have discovered on our walks. Tall person has shown me that everything is interesting if you pause to look.

I hope that everyone who has visited Bassa’s Blog has enjoyed the pictures and little stories.

Along the way, we have have made so many friends and have shared in their daily lives through their amazing blogs. We are honored to be blogging alongside so many talented blogging friends.

To commemorate 52 weeks of blogging we have designed a blogging award to acknowledge 52 blogs that we think are stars of the blogging world.

Bassa’s Blog ‘You Make Me Shine’ Award

We would like to give this award to 52 blogging friends who we think are shining stars:

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You are all stars! We would be honored if you would accept this award. There are no rules!

P.S. I take this opportunity to thank the tall person for walking with me and showing me how to see things differently. Good luck with your new blog, Georgia About, tall person:

Self defense for cats

You may recall that Barnaby got out of the yard and was attacked by another cat a few weeks ago. Since then he has stayed close to me but last night he went out again and didn’t come home until morning.

I stayed up most of the night waiting for him. When he finally returned home I asked him why he had stayed out all night and he shrugged and said that is what cats do.

I sat him down and reminded him of the dangers on the street. He reminded me that he is bigger now and can take care of himself.

Hmm, youngsters think they know it all.

Anyway, I insisted that he attends my Self Defense for Cats classes. He is doing quite well. In this picture he is demonstrating a lethal stranglehold on the little person’s old teddy bear.

Street teddy bears beware!

Accident investigator

Om my walk through the neighborhood this morning I came across the aftermath of a traffic accident. A vehicle had crashed into the wall of a shop.

Something serious must have happened to have caused the car to swerve off the road and embed itself so deeply in the wall.

I looked around for clues and found this in the road.

Hmm, a hole with a warning boulder in front it.

The driver obviously did not see the warning boulder until the very last moment and swerved violently to avoid it and crashed into the shop.

I pointed this out to the tall person and suggested that the municipal authorities should paint the warning boulders in bright colors or use much bigger boulders. He agreed with me.

I hope the authorities have been notified of the accident because I don’t think the driver can get out!

The week that was………fantastic!

On Wednesday next week Bassa’s Blog will be one year old – that is nearly as old as me!

I took my first tentative step into the wonderful world of blogging on 13 June 2011. Since then I have shared over 750 little stories and lots of photos about my daily life with the tall person, De, the little person, Lovely Mari, Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot (R.I.P.) and my kitten Barnaby here on our mountain overlooking the city of Tbilisi in the beautiful Republic of Georgia.

I have met so many wonderful people and dogs and cats (and one pot bellied pig) and now share in their daily lives through their stories and pictures they post on their blogs. It is an honor to be blogging alongside so many wonderful and talented friends.

I was going to do an anniversary post next week (and probably will still do) but this last week has been so amazing I decided to write this pre-anniversary post.

Most weeks are amazing but last week was especially amazing. It began and ended with a number of wonderful blogging awards from friends and in the middle something happened that took both me and the tall person completely by surprise.

The Facebook Surprise

On Thursday, one of my Facebook friends sent me a message to say that he saw a photo of me and the tall person on the popular Life With Dogs Facebook page. He sent me a link and there was my favorite photo of me and the tall person. I don’t know how it got there or who submitted it but I was very pleased.

Tall person stayed up very late reading the wonderful comments that people had made.

He told me that the photo received over 3,000 likes and my Facebook account had lots of new friend requests. Wow!

Georgia About Blog

‘Inspired’ by my blogging, the tall person recently set up a new blog to share his experiences of life in Georgia.

Called Georgia About it received its first blogging award last week.

Thank you Anne Alias of Mark It Research blog!

Tall person was very excited! He has been working very hard to show the best of the best of Georgia in the new blog.

Last week, he spent several very hot days in our local bakery finding out how traditional Georgian bread is made. He got very hot and to cool off he visited the Abanotubani Sulphur Baths in the city, which was great because he made a post about that too!

Please drop by and say hi:

A Week of Awards

Since the tall person’s return from his recent trip to London we have been busy catching up with blogging friends and were delighted to see that many had received new blogging awards. Congratulations!

I was thrilled to discover that Bassa’s Blog was among the awardees, including one award that means the world to us – the Champion of the Heart Award.

Champion of the Heart Award

We were truly honored to receive an amazing award from Chuck and the Collies at Collies of the Meadow blog.

Chuck and the Collies told us that the new award is for those who they feel are not only the best of the best, but who truly give their best in their blog and live life loving others and giving all they have of themselves because they are Champions of the Heart.

Chuck explained that these are the characteristics of his beloved Collie, Trevor, who as many of you know is now in his final trip to the sunset of life.  Trevor has been a Champion Of The Heart to Chuck and Chuck and the Collies wanted to honor others who they feel portray the qualities that Trevor has displayed all his life.

Tall person and me are deeply touched and honored by the very special Champions Of The Heart Award. Knowing the meaning behind the award and the special place that Trevor holds in Chuck’s heart makes this the best award we have ever received. We will treasure it.

This is the link to Chuck’s award post. Please drop by and share in the antics of these wonderful Collies:

The Hot Potato Award

Bella and DiDi at Paws to Talk blog were awarded The Hot Potato Award and kindly passed it on to Bassa’s Blog. Thank you Bella and DiDi!

Bella and DiDi are two black Standard Poodle and together they are the ‘agony aunts’ of the canine world.

Their sound advice has made them THE place to go if you have a problem. Standard Poodles aren’t called one of the smartest breeds in the world for nothing!

This is the link to Bella and DiDi’s award post. Please drop by and say hi:

The One Lovely Blog Award

My friend Sarah at Sezpets blog was recently awarded the One Lovely Blog Award and in her post acknowledging the award she included Bassa’s blog in the list of blogs she was passing the award on to!

Congratulations Sarah and thank you!

Sarah has been blogging for about 9 months and said that Bassa’s blog was the very first blog she ever followed. Wow!

This the link to Sarah’s award post. Please drop by and say hi:

Gemma at Remain Insane blog was also awarded the One Lovely Blog Award and nominated Bassa’s blog for the award.

Congratulations Gemma and thank you for thinking of Bassa’s blog!

Gemma has been blogging for about 2 1/2 months and is studying Animal Behaviour at Flinders University in Adelaide, and volunteering at Adelaide Zoo.

She says that Orangutans are the love of her life!

This is the link to Gemma’s award post. Please drop by and say hi:

The Sunshine Award

Popcorn of was recently awarded the Sunshine Award.

Congratulations Poppy and thank you!

Poppy is a red toy poodle and very, very cute!!

Poppy has written a very lovely and entertaining award post.

Please drop by and say hi:

Well, that was the week that was…………..FANTASTIC!

Thank you to everyone who made my week so special.