Does your laptop need a service?

On my walk through the neighborhood today I came across further evidence of aliens living among us.

This enterprising extraterrestrial has established a workshop offering computer tune-ups and memory upgrades.

I think his small size might be an asset when he is working inside the cramped confines of today’s laptops and computers.

I mentioned this example of alien assimilation into our society to the tall person and he smiled and suggested that the little alien’s services must be cheap because he hasn’t got a mouth and doesn’t need money for food.

Hmm, that is a good observation tall person. I’ve also just noticed that the little alien appears to be visually impaired and wonder if computer repair is really the best profession for a stranded alien.

21 thoughts on “Does your laptop need a service?

  1. Well now sweet Bassa how do you supposed that little alien survives with no mouth to eat food. Let us know how it goes if the tall person ever needs his service. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Of course. In order to be advanced enough to have travelled to earth, these aliens must have evolved to require less sustenance and make less poopy mess. They sound like a great pet, actually. Small, cheap, clean and can earn their keep fixing our pc’s.

    • My mom wants one of those “small, cheap, and can earn their keep fixing our pc’s” pets. She seems to think I can only cover the “small” part. Hmmph!! I can do cheap! What’s a pc???

  3. Pssst. Bassa, between you and me, and the lampost, i thought this post would be advertising your cleaning computers – nothing like a good lick of large dog’s tongue

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