Look behind you!

I recently posted a picture of a very hot truck

Unfortunately, the hot weather continues here in Tbilisi and on my walk through the neighborhood today I saw this pretty lady who was obviously suffering from the heat.

I don’t think she noticed that there was lots of cool refreshing water behind her or perhaps she thought it was a mirage.

Look behind you!

24 thoughts on “Look behind you!

  1. We are wondering if the truck belongs to the pretty girl since they both are having trouble keeping cool. You may have to go lead her to the water sweet Bassa. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Tsktsk. A hot truck. I wouldn’t have thought of that. 😀 The cool dress looks like it’s weighing the lady down. She’s not smiling! Perhaps she could consider collecting all the droplets and do something with it in this hot weather! 🙂

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