The copycat trees

You may recall me saying that the trees in my neighborhood have copied my style.

I have white ‘socks’……………

……….and the trees have white ‘socks’.

Now, I am currently doing this……….

……..yes, I am shedding my coat.

Well, on my walk through the neighborhood today I noticed that the trees have started to do this………….

……………resulting in this……………

Yes, the trees have noticed I am shedding so they have started to shed too.

I don’t mind the trees copying me – in fact I’m flattered. Their timely copycat behaviour was also useful when the tall person called me to a meeting to discuss the amount of hair I am leaving on the floors. I pointed out that he is fortunate that he has a shedding Caucasian Shepherd and not a shedding tree. He had to agree.

21 thoughts on “The copycat trees

  1. Shedding is messy, so you should try to shed outside. When Mom brushes me outside, she says the birds will use the fur to decorate their nests. When I leave piles of hair inside, Mom says she’s going to save it and build a new dog and throw me in the garbage!!

  2. Well, sweet Bassa now that just beats all that those trees are copying off you. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Hi Bassa! I have white socks, too! but mine are much shorter than yours….your socks look pawgeous! 🙂

  4. You are a total trendsetter, Bassa! A fasion icon!

    Are those lemon cedar trees? My grandma and grandpa used to have one up here, but it was very old and they had to get it replaced.

  5. I wish I was an influential as you!!!! And you always have such good responses toe the tall persons questions, I wish I was as wise as you!

  6. Hey dear Bassas! You’re very beautiful that’s why you’re a trendsetter. :} ♥ I wonder how all the trees in my neighborhood would look if they wanted to copy me for a day? o.O

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