Very small rustlers strike again!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I discovered that the municipal authorities had granted a plot of land to very small people.

I noticed that the very small people had wasted no time in fencing off their new pasture, probably to stop their very small cows from wandering off. This was clearly necessary as their land is next to a very busy road and very small cows would be difficult to see and could easily get squashed by passing cars.

I didn’t see any very small cows and suspect that very small rustlers have stolen them.

Hmm, the very small people will be very sad when they return to their very small pasture and discover their very small cows are gone.

21 thoughts on “Very small rustlers strike again!

  1. Wow, sweet Bassa we have never seen people and cows small enough to fit there. Maybe if you keep a look out you can get a picture when they move onto their property so we can see them. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. It’s obvious the very small cows escaped where the fence is down in the bottom right corner. Very Small Cow Rustling is a serious crime, and I appreciate your work to bring this to the attention of the masses. Well done.

  3. It’s a beautiful fence – the small people are very talented 🙂 I wonder if there are very small shepherd dogs to go with the very small pasture?

  4. Lol…seriously Bassa, you have to find little plastic figures for that patch of ground. Farmyard animals or even little plastic soldiers defending it. What a photo that would make!

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