They all wear colorful spectacles and false moustaches!

The little person attends an international school on top of the mountain on the other side of Tbilisi. It is an excellent school and the little person is very happy there.

The school’s website mentions that students learn British culture and traditions as well as learning English.

On a recent visit to the school the tall person noticed this wonderful decoration on one of the lockers in the corridor outside the little person’s classroom:

Being English, the tall person was very pleased to see the wonderful sentiment but was surprised to learn that people in the U.K. are now all wearing multi-colored spectacles and false moustaches.

Clearly, students are kept well informed about changes in traditional British costume. Tall person said that the next time he visits London he will not take his bowler hat and umbrella but will instead make sure he is properly attired with colorful eyewear and a false moustache. He said he would not want to be laughed at for wearing the wrong accessories.

16 thoughts on “They all wear colorful spectacles and false moustaches!

  1. Great idea! I’m sure NOBODY will laugh at the Tall Person in that getup! In fact, I think he should do the colorful glasses, mustache, umbrella, AND bowler hat, and maybe a pair of butterfly wings and some genie shoes with curly tips.

  2. A monocle might be a nice accessory for the Tall Person 🙂 The Little Person’s school sounds really neat. I’ve enjoyed the pictures and stories of him at school!

  3. I agree with Lisa, I would love to see the tall person with a monocle. 🙂 Did you get to go to the school Bassa? You could teach the children many things.

  4. Sweet Bassa we bet Tall Person is going to look quite striking in his colorful glasses and false mustache on his next trip to London. Hugs and nose kisses

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