Accident investigator

Om my walk through the neighborhood this morning I came across the aftermath of a traffic accident. A vehicle had crashed into the wall of a shop.

Something serious must have happened to have caused the car to swerve off the road and embed itself so deeply in the wall.

I looked around for clues and found this in the road.

Hmm, a hole with a warning boulder in front it.

The driver obviously did not see the warning boulder until the very last moment and swerved violently to avoid it and crashed into the shop.

I pointed this out to the tall person and suggested that the municipal authorities should paint the warning boulders in bright colors or use much bigger boulders. He agreed with me.

I hope the authorities have been notified of the accident because I don’t think the driver can get out!

20 thoughts on “Accident investigator

  1. Oh Bassa! I love your astute observations!! You are truly wise for someone so young, but I see this wisdom in your soulful eyes! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  2. Well, sweet Bassa since the doors are obviously on the other side of the wall maybe the driver is shopping while waiting for the authorities. Someone needs to cover that hole and quick don’t you think? Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Maybe you could stay and talk to the driver, just to keep him calm until the authorities get there. I’m sure that poor person is pretty frazzled right now and could use some comfort.

  4. Wow! THat person may be caught in there forever! They must;ve been going very fast to go that high and to go that far into the wall! Wow! Hopefully most ppkl in Georgia do not drive like this….

    In mirth!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

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