New blog about Georgia

I have some exciting news! Tall person has launched a new blog to share his experiences about life in the Republic of Georgia. Having lived here for several years he wants to show the best of the best of this wonderful country and with the help of De and Mari his new blog will take you on a guided tour of its unique culture, rich history, amazing food and wines, colorful markets and natural wonders.

Walk with him in the snow covered Caucasus mountains and lush forests. Tour the towns and cities and countryside and meet the Georgian people, renowned for their hospitality and love of life. Learn how to cook Georgian food. Visit centuries old churches filled with exquisite icons and murals. Learn about traditional crafts and customs. See the best of the best of Georgia.

Called Georgia About, the new blog will bring beautiful Georgia to you!

Visit Georgia About and see the best of the best of Georgia:

Good luck with your new blog tall person. I see you have found something thinner than you!

21 thoughts on “New blog about Georgia

  1. YAY!!! We already subscribed and cant wait to learn more! You are right Bassa, the statue is thinner that Tall Person, but is it taller? hehehe
    Your cheering friends,
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  2. HUH?? I thought YOU were the best of the best of Georgia, Bassa! Those pictures are pretty, TallPerson, but good luck finding anything better than her! We’ll check it out and see…..

    Love and licks,

  3. This is amazing i cant wait to see more…i have been wanting to learn and see more about where you live…super excited…tall people are great

  4. I love reading your impressions about your home, but I’m sure I’ll love reading what the Tall Person has to say, too, especially because I just spent some time with my young cousin and learned that he was born in Tbilisi.

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