Bassa and the tall person – together again

Tall person returned from his London trip in the early hours of Thursday morning. Since then we have been catching up.

I am very pleased he is back. I have missed our conversations about life and the Universe.


17 thoughts on “Bassa and the tall person – together again

  1. Now that is a sweet picture! Glad your tall person is back home safely. We enjoyed the memory lane blogs while he was away but he was missed. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Bassa is a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Originally bred to protect livestock from bears and wolves they are still used by shepherds in the Republic of Georgia. They are a large breed, very protective of family, corageous and completely fearless. There are a lot of pictures of Bassa on her Facebook page – Bassa Caucasian Shepherd.

  2. Beautiful picture of you Bassa, I know you are very happy to see the tall person back. I am very glad he made it back safely. I,m sure he has a lot of new things to talk to you about.

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